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    Putchuco said:

    Teeceezy said:

    I'll double-check for you @gespuer, but doesn't 21-21-20 also start at 20? The formula is (Average of your top 3 survivors)/3-1.

    A rounding error, where?
    Is the formula not valid any longer?
    The final answer by TCZ is this ...
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    @Teeceezy hi, we still got no answer on the michonne katana issue. You promised this bug will be fixed at the next update. Until now there is no hint! Maybe you are so stressed at ng by bringing up all ideas how to nerf the player base so you forget this tiny issue what have costvus maybe 17 €? In africa they live a half month from this shit of paper money
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    Bill_ZRT said:

    My napkin math for starting RSL and Repeating RSL is as follows:

    @Teeceezy can e take that for guaranteed?
    @Bill_ZRT if this is correct you are my math god for today!
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    gespuer said:

    @Bill_ZRT if this is correct you are my math god for today!

    Glad to help. :wink:

    I can't speak for NG... I can only say that the formulas I'm using are consistent with the ones that have been discussed and made available on these forums. Not sure what the original source is for these calculations, but they have been discussed in a couple of places.


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    Thanks @Bill_ZRT

    So by upgrading to 22 vs 21 we lose two rounds at lvl 20 (so 76 stars) but gain x number of stars by going further on the high levels.
    I'm lost.

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    New traits (gear/survivors) will just make it more difficult to find the perfect combo.

    So we´re no longer just f****d from token and hero token dillution but also from trait dillution (which I´m already confused with...).

    Maybe it´s just time to say goodbye...hope it´s easier then quit smoking :smiley:
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    Some new traits sound fun and actually look like they could have not only some value with the current challenge and outpost metas but also would serve as a minor dilution from the somewhat mysteriously prevalent defensive stance...

    However, an additional council update as another time/money gate bandage until such a time as substantial new content is released is a disappointment. However much i loved the season 7 missions additional rewards replay missions, the replay rewards weekly time gates were, again, a stopgap.

    And nerfed too have been my estimates of time as foretold by the prophet @Teeceezy ! I miss the good old days when new content would be coming soon.
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    Heh @Mabiki i calls em like i sees em! I complain from time to time, compliment from time to time but do my best to offer my own brand of constructive criticism while constantly finding new and sillier reasons to hoard different resources.
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    Careful @LootHoarder you may be branded a NG Walker love child, man these flaming walkers really turned up the heat!
  • gcheong85gcheong85 Member Posts: 149
    That's why i love the forum....sitting back and laughing out at these comments.
  • LootHoarderLootHoarder Member Posts: 123
    Bwhaha @xbamfx we're gonna need a Careful LootHoarder theead soon. But not until we find Stu and sucessfully make it through the @capibara migration!

    But seriouly that was one more hoarding attempt of mine that unfortunately went awry. Ive got an epic bruiser i got from a call many moons ago with 4 traits i wanted and i was sitting on him til such a time as this when new surv traits were announced. My logic was that when they announced that you could start levelling survs past their level cap and also to use tokens to upgrade rarity, that if they next introduced additional traits that you'd be able to then choose just prior to the update based on the plus minus potential of the new traits whether to upgrade pre or post update based on odds of getting one of the desirable remaining traits. Honestly never took the time to check the behavior the last time traits were added. Think that happened at some point once already? Been a bit and killed many zombies cant remember if it was always with the same set of surv traits...
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    @NCDawgFan thanks man you're a saint!
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    Now it's breeding season @LootHoarder
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    That's much better than hunting season, isn't it? ;)
  • CRUSHCRUSH Member Posts: 583
    I'm not sure, but there was no answer to the question of upgrade costs for buildings, equipment and survivors.
    And how much gold will it cost to restock the hero tokens in the TG shop?
  • InvaderInvader Member Posts: 2,066
    CRUSH said:

    And how much gold will it cost to restock the hero tokens in the TG shop?

    "A small amount" :p
  • gcheong85gcheong85 Member Posts: 149
    > @Invader said:
    > And how much gold will it cost to restock the hero tokens in the TG shop?
    > "A small amount" :p

    Just purchase only 1 gold bundle. Real small amount.
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