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    Sorry about that. Won't happen again. :p FWIW, I do read the forums and am actively in contact with our moderators & some players even when I'm "not working". PM's are your most effective way of grabbing a hold of me during public holidays / weekends.
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    I don't mind them. They keep me on my feet. ;)

    EDIT: But yeah urgent PM's I'll always try and find time to respond to.
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    Have you seen, have you seen? No booster in shop, what does it mean?

    I guess maintenance is on the way. but no one here is saying "hurray".
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    @Teeceezy That really sounds awesome.

    Normally I don't want more heroes, but @Governator and Merle seems to be a must have. :)
    New story missions like the S7 are really awesome too.
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    I tried to be as precise in my message as possible, but it seems I did not succeed. I do want to point out for the sake of this last response that new is new, regardless if it was requested in this exact form or not.
    And you are right! My point is exactly to tell people to suck it up and stick by their decisions. Whether anybody wants to play or not is up to them, so if they choose to do so at least stop constantly complaining about it.
    With that said, I will now take your advice and stop reading the complaints.
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    Does the leader trait from governor only effects the level or the rarity of equipment too?
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    David_H79 said:

    @Teeceezy That really sounds awesome.

    Normally I don't want more heroes, but @Governator and Merle seems to be a must have. :)
    New story missions like the S7 are really awesome too.

    Having played the missions I can confirm that they, in fact, are very awesome. :grin:
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    When do they start? today? after update?
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    Change to Challenge Starting Times

    (TCZ Note: The reason for this slight change (from 3 PM UTC -> 12 PM UTC) is that we received feedback from you guys that you'd like the class buffs & Season content to be more in sync.)
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    Do the historic missions replace the S7 missions or are both types available?
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    S7 will be reseted again for those who completed them?
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    S7 won't be reset at this time, no. @Amiga
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    @Teeceezy will there be new badges to collect?
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    @Fragzie There will indeed. In a shiny new "Check-In Thread Corner" subsection of the forum to avoid clutter in General. :)
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    Probably making a video!

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    When is the update coming? Today tomorrow?
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    @Teeceezy Thanks for syncing times. "Jackass" trait, along with some new missions are good to get.

    Frustration in most people who have posted so far is probably in the fact that these are all small changes while big issues (hero token dilution) still remain.

    Any chance we could get a "State of the Game" from the game manager on where they see this game going in the next 6 to 9 months of what they would like to address/fix and add? Other games do this.

    Finally, I hope NG is triple checking the install package for "work in progress values" and "unintended" changes and have the coffee ready for another extended outage :p

    No, we will never let you guys forget 2.5 and here is hoping you guys learned your lessons from that fiasco and the update goes smoothly.
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    Please keep it civil, all.
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    Merle sounds awesome it's good to have a useful shooter for higher rsl and new missions too
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    srmcn1031 said:

    So when is the update? Monday or Tuesday? @Teeceezy

    Hey @srmcn1031 You still around? ;)
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    @capibara Yes I am still here for the time being. Hopefully there are some good changes in the future cause the content is getting dry and boring.
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    I agree @Captainslayer Merle looks awesome already! Gimme gimme gimme
  • xbamfxxbamfx Member Posts: 1,436
    Merle pre update looks 100x better then Rick imo damn! Buff Rick and make him the best in the game lol
  • WarlordWarlord Member Posts: 166
    Didn't click the first time I read it, but the Governor is a combination of Glenn and Maggie for special traits. Good that this will help with the upgrade grind as you get both increased (along with gear chance modifier) instead of one or the other while doing missions. Bad if you spent a lot on Maggie and Glenn to get them to Legendary as he basically puts them on the scrap heap with so many other heroes even though based on the description in the update note it seems like he will start as a two star so it may be awhile where his % becomes acceptable to use in place of them.

    Traits will also tell beyond their "special" one if they are worth it though. Here is hoping that both Merle and the Governor have good traits and not worthless ones.
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