Introducing The Walking Dead: Highlights!

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The Walking Dead Highlights

New Missions
We're excited to bring you a new series of missions that reflect one of the most important periods in the history of the Walking Dead. This set of nine missions retells the events of Rick, Daryl, and the others as they claim the abandoned Prison for their home, and engage in a battle for survival against the Governor and the people of the Woodbury Colony.

These missions will be unlocked one per week, similarly to the schedule of the Season 7 missions. Tokens, Radio Phones and more rewards await you for completing the Trials missions each week! The first Highlight mission will be playable directly once tomorrow's (Tuesday) maintenance has been conducted.

New Heroes
Redefining the concept of a "hero", these new characters certainly left their mark on the people around them. Collect them and add them to your team to make some menace of your own!

The Governor - Assault
Leader Trait "Only the Best": The Supplies and XP found in mission crates, and the chance to gain high-level equipment from those crates, is increased by 15%. [Upgradeable to 37%]
Note: You can collect enough tokens to unlock the Governor for free by playing the Highlights of the Walking Dead special missions and completing the Trial missions in the week that they are unlocked!

Merle Dixon - Shooter
Leader Trait "Jackass": Your team deals 16% more damage when attacking an enemy of higher level than any member of your team. [Upgradeable to 30%]
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