Governator's Having A Party! Join the Conga Line!

In anticipation of the Governor being added to the game, my camp decided to have a party. After much liquid libations, a conga line formed and we put up a disco ball in the Memorial Tent. There will be a lot of hangovers tomorrow morning, but that is what the maintenance window is for. :sunglasses:

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  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,227
    Hmmm let me kill a few heroes, pretty please

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  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    That absolutely made my day. For the rest of today I'm done. Nothing, even no "maintenance-gate", can ruin my happy temper.
    Thanks a lot @Governator for sharing this.
  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    Hey @Governator , your party has left your camp and has moved to my place. Come on over here (but don't forget the beer)...

  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    Out of another thread this crosses my mind (enjoy it):

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