Hospital Nerfed!



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    Shut_Up said:

    I don't want to upgrade anything for a couple of weeks until the bugs are worked out and the effects of the upgrades on star production is evident

    These are no bugs...these are features aka works as intended!
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    If I'm AMC and The walking dead creators I don't want my product name and likeness on this..... smh TWD cast and creators loves their fans.
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    @Bill_ZRT and @crambert_nec agree with both of you 100%
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    Despite the original 2.6 announcement, it turned out that upgrading the mission-car was the prerequisite to upgrading Council/Training/Workshop. So potentially can ignore Hospital upgrade (if one chooses to)...but the catch is you won't hit lvl 63 without it, and will be at 900/1450 (lvl62), whereas the final hospital upgrade puts you right at 0/1500 (lvl63). But I don't know if they adjusted it again after Tuesday.
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    edited June 2017
    What does upgrading your council, your walker pit, and hospital have in common? If you said upgrading these has no real benefit and costs you lots of resources you answered correctly.

    That only leaves farms and XP tents left to ruin ( training grounds and workshop are part off the nerfed council already and the radio tent gets nerfed with every new hero) and they are on that road already as they refuse to fix the storage capacity of the tents and farms back to 12 hours.
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