Outpost raid same player on "reload"

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I'm sure this as been tell over and over but seriously 'one' search sucks on this forum

so about Outpost raid. I am looking (as everybody i assume) for 500+ Trade Goods player to attack
if not I try to reload by clicking RAID button again.
(1st point) outpost raid reload really sucks too developer come on. click click click back to attack

(2nd point) BIM man 10 TG to reload to be looking at the same exact player you didn't want to raid... and you can reload again and again until you have lost all your TG in reloading the same loop.
Sometime it works really better : you have to reload raids two times to the lucky player you don't want.

SO.... I has been so many many months that bug appear. at 1st I didn't even bother to write this
but it looks like month after month and updates....
lets say it : do you know when we loosing 10TG to clik to RAID again we don't want the same exact player with 107 TG reward...

So YES in case you notice this is a complain

Thanks for you FREEEEEEE ? game (((working))))




  • EmperorRavageEmperorRavage Member Posts: 9
    Yep im in the same boat cmon @Teeceezy sort it out.
  • EmperorRavageEmperorRavage Member Posts: 9
    or @zbot or whoever
  • Working as intended.

    It is a feature, not a bug
  • *No, I did not delete other attacks, today I got only Clan Forrest as opponent. Yesterday I had some rotation, but almost every 2nd was Clan Forrest.
  • keymankeyman Member Posts: 28
    Yup same here
    same player over and over..
    We have to hope to get an easy opponent... ;-)
    so game update is worst than before about that...
  • lightslights Member Posts: 5
    Fucking fix it already! Will ya? Im getting same opponent in outpost raids over and over again
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