Dodge theory

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Do u miss the dodge bedore v2.1?


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    Don't forget traits combination...

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    Looks like father Gabriel is looking for his delete button! You know what dude, dodge is a chance trait, where as iron skin is in effect on every hit taken. It also seems to me that dodge effectiveness disappears after survivor health drops. There is only one chance trait in this game thats quite reliable and thats ------ -----. Can't mention it on these boards or it gets nerfed. Don't bother countingthe dashes, they represent my own term for the trait. I think bullet dodge sucks as its often not in play, and the chance% is not worth the wasted spot, especially on the survivor. Grab it on armor and only on ranged survivors. Def stance is my least acceptable trait, and the silencer on weapons. It doesn't activate as much as it should to warrant xp costs for weapons for team. Neither does Daryls leader silence trait hit often enough.
  • SmittySpivey3SmittySpivey3 Member Posts: 324
    @mabiki thanks, I did not make the distinction. Good to know I appreciate it.
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