Hospital Nerfed!



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    @xbamfx to not complain you are maxed on supplies ;)

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    We live in an apocalypse. Doctors are dying, there are less people to cure the injured.

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    I call shenanigans...
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    The nerf powers are strong with this one........
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    I've finally come to a conclusion that Next Games has a subsidiary called Nerf Games that this game has been lingering in for the past several updates. As other game companies have also used the power of Nerf extensively, the recent hire of analytics with backgrounds in psychology, and NG wanting to be a market leader, they formed a new subsidiary called Regression Games and moved this game in that subsidiary with this update. This new subsidiary was formed so they can perform bizarre experiments on their player base to see how much backwards movement can be done that people will pay for to return to the status quor or before enough players quit and the game is no longer financially viable. This will give NG status as leader of game makers in no longer do we have mobile games of give and modify, but now we will have games that will be give, modify, and mostly start all over again.

    Wake me from this nightmare.
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    Check the other thread. You'll all love it. Happy spending everyone.
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    @Teeceezy @Shteevie

    I, too, hardly complain about this game. I have been playing this game since Day 1 of release and although I may complain silently (lol), I have never been outspoken on forum about any changes NG makes because I believe they make them for the good, and not the bad. I usually take any updates NG gives us and I go with the flow.

    However, this is completely absurd. I am not sure what the explanation would be to increase the healing costs right after the update. It would be one thing to have already increased the cost before the update, but increasing it after we have already started upgrading our buildings without even mentioning this fact in the release notes is extremely disappointing.

    I hope you rethink this decision.

    Go on you tell em, free yourself from those green shackles as I did!!!

    Real reason behind this change is the suspensions gone in the car so its less comfortable so takes longer to heal.

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    Can't believe the hospital nerf is more discussed than getting brand new lv 22 gear which will become obsolete in future

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    The first paragraph of Terminates's post matches my signature. Hmm...coincidence?

    Lol Poppy I think she enjoys making Weekend Event videos. I guess she still wants to have those "green shackles" on

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    Why hasn't there been any further comment about this @Teeceezy, @Shteevie ?
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    edited June 2017
    The forum drama after an update is what keeps me playing this game and love this community.

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