Should the Platinum Call be Permanent?



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    > @nadecir said:
    I would be willing to bet the only reason we only have them for 2 weeks initially is so that NG can collect data to see how much they need to be, um...tweaked before they are rereleased.

    One reason it's two weeks only because NG wants to increase in-app sales before June 30. The company's second quarter ends June 30, and they need to report their earnings in July for the second quarter. Public companies routinely do this kind of things to keep investors enthusiastic by constantly trying to report higher earnings.

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    > @Cherokee_Rose said:
    > Seems like there is a lot of talk around here about hero token dilution. This is one way to alleviate that a bit. It's a guarantee of hero token. Maybe not the one you want, but the guarantee has not been available before now. It's always your choice if you decide to spend your radios on that call. I personally don't use the 5 or the 1 call. I use both the hero and the 15 calls when I see fit. I have enjoyed trying this feature out even if for only a limited time.

    Actually, these calls do absolutely nothing to alleviate token dilution. You could spend 100k radios and still not get tokens for the hero you want (but you could end up with a 10* Rufus).
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    Yes but with changes
    I like the concept just think 25 is a little pricey, maybe 20 phones top
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    Yes 100%. Make it permanent please. I even wanted make a post in suggestions thread but saw this post first;)
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    The way they have designed it, with the same poor token RNG engine, let it go. A number of my guildmates tried it... a complete waste of 25 radios. A 15 call is always the best.
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    Radios are so scarce??? I've managed to save 478 radios in three weeks. I got up to 300odd when platinum suddenly disappeared n thought 'oh no, u joking.. Now theyll get wasted and sent query asking if return to NG.. I said they didn't take into account new players take age to upgrade radio tent to level worth using calls with, then today see they back for 6days!! great news as my tent now at lvl 4(8) and this time I'll be sure to use them before timers up n by then hopefully have tent even more upgraded... Thank you next games but not sure permanent is good idea as battling for tokens is good incentive, don't want all fun taking out of collecting hero's, maybe as others said just have it as feature on hero weekends.
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    Yes but with changes
    Just because it's an option doesn't mean you have to use it, I never have and most likely won't.
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    I have concerns that when the 25 call is offered, we see a decrease in radio drops. Others may have different opinions, but I noticed a huge drop in radios when the 25 was available, and the couple of weeks prior. Now it is gone, the radio drop rate for me is very noticeably more generous both in crates, wall walkers and TG offers. I also noticed that my usual 15 call was super stingy with hero tokens while the 25 was available, a marked difference to previous calls. No hero tokens for 20 times 15 calls, something I had never experienced in a year or more of play. NG are playing with all of the rates to maximize purchases and see what makes us 'bite', of course, that stands to reason.
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    @Raven2318 , I think that only goes with Beetlejuice or Biggie Smalls?!
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    Yes but with changes
    25 Phones should give minimum 32 hero token or at least 128 survivor tokens
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    Yes but with changes
    Combine it with the 14 days of hero event.
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    Yes but with changes
    The should lower the price (20 radio max) and increase the possibilities to get more tokens (I've burned more the 350 radio and 95% I've got 32 tokens)
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    Yes but with changes
    25 radio are too much. the guarantee should be with 15 radios.
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    Yes but with changes
    Hey @Timboski, I've noticed you've been disagreeing with some of my posts. Can you explain why, or are you just being petty?
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    Some people are like that @JayZ . Be careful though. I called someone out for doing the same thing using slightly different wording (albeit not nasty) and something happened to me that I apparently cannot discuss per rule 3. I think it is just in some people's nature. Scorpion and the frog type deal.

    Frustrating I know especially without an explaination but there you have it.
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    Yes but with changes
    lol thanks @vshield50 - appreciate the advice

    I don't mind the disagrees, but I:
    - like to challenge people to defend why they disagree with my posts because I always welcome a good debate/discussion
    - like to call out people when they are being arbitrary/petty about their disagrees
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    Yes but with changes
    It should be easier to accumulate radios. It takes me a long time to get to 25.
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