Warrior body shots

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@Teeceezy warriors are 90% of time body shotting armored that are 5 levels lower.... Fix it or i killllls you.... thanks


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    Don't mess with Diddy's warriors. Mad Diddys are no fun to be around.
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    @zbot @Teeceezy @Shteevie theres still no response on this, so i will spell it out. A 9 star (4 pink) lvl 22 warrior should not body shot lvl 16 armored enemies 9 hits out of 10.... Body shots are part of the game but not this many.... appreciate the rappid response
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    I'm getting the same results of body shots on armored walkers too with my 8 star warrior
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    @tdiddy , NG is aware of the issue, if there's any updates, will keep the forum informed.
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    This is eerily similar to the assault body shot issue. Who remembers that one? I suddenly had level 20 six star assault bodyshotting against level 14 regular walkers. Overnight that assault went from reliably one-shot-killing right up to his own level, to not being able to one-shot-kill -6 level walkers. Piercing fixed it, but there was clearly a change of some kind.

    However, the answer was "working as intended." Will it be the same with new warrior body shots?
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    You didn't get the memo? 2.6 switched all warrior weapons out with pieces of overcooked spaghetti.
    Good luck, dumbass
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    Is it regarding particular situation? Gear? I'm playing with warriors since challenge start without any issues...
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    Same here.

    Lvl 22 Warrior bodyshot'ing lvl 23 armored/grenadier/fatties - criticals happening normally.

    Just got a reply to my support ticket which says the classic "we are looking into it".
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    Above your lvl happens.. Below 5 lvls sounds odd
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    I'm not seeing the body shot problem as much. What I am seeing is how weak the warrior attack has become. The image is after my level 21, nine star warrior attacked a level 22 exploder with a normal attack. That warrior was able to take down lever 25 tanks with 1 hit pre-update. Now it takes me 3 hits to take down a 22. It's made warriors completely pointless and worthless.
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    Probably nerfed the damage because of the extra huge charge attack bonus you can get with them, so in return.. You're doing the same amount of damage as you were prior update. This is just a guess, not facts. Hope it gets figured at @unum
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    Body shots above level is fine but a lvl 22 should not body shot 15/16 armored every hit..... there gonna fix it "soon"
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    I've been playing around with it this morning. It appears to be happening only against non-normal walkers (armored, exploder, tank, etc). My warrior is non-stop critical hitting normal walkers but hits like a fly against special walkers. Any word on this @Teeceezy ? Warriors would be a huge part of my strategy on this challenge.
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    Is this still an issue? I'm thinking the upcoming maps will have dead guards with armor and I love my warrior.
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    Its been fixed and this thread can be closed
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