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hallo,my samsung smartphone android 6.0 have no more space for updates ,ect,.... i have a new ace pad android 5.1 and i will change the smartphone games to acepad. i have the same google account on both and try google play also. but i cant install the games that i play actuallity on smartphone on ace pad. I do not want to go wrong and want to keep the game with the actually levels. can u help me? thanxs for u time, greetings frank


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    have u a german support ?
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    Falls du nicht klarkommst mit der Englischen Anleitung, kann ich dir gerne weiterhelfen. Hab das schonmal gemacht, ist nicht so schwer.
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    Ich habe keine Ahnung, wovon redest du? :D
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    Hello, I have understood.but the problem is, I can not download the game from google play / google apps.though I am connected to my google account, stands there: not compatible with the device. It is a new android 5.1 tablet.what is wrong?

    other software are ok for downloading,but only this aktive game dont goes....

    @Jaden ,danke für deine hilfe,aber das prob liegt woanders...

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    any Hear me? I need help, or spend i to less money? thx
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    Try these steps, it should work.

    Text provided just in case the link isn't working for you.

    I get an error message and cannot download/update the game!
    When you’re trying to download or update the game in Google Play Store, you might be prompted with an error message. There is also a current problem in Google Play Store that tells your "Device is not compatible" with the game, even if your device supports the application.

    To clear these problems, please try the following:

    Clear Apps Cache

    Go to Settings > Apps > All
    Select Play Store > Clear Cache & Data
    Select the game > Clear Cache and Data
    Try downloading the game again

    Unmount SD Card (if applicable)
    Go to Settings > Storage > Unmount SD Card
    Try downloading the game again
    Re-Mount SD Card by Navigating to Settings > Storage > Re-mount SD Card

    Reinstall Google Play Store

    Go to Settings > Apps > All
    Select Google Play Store > Uninstall Updates
    Try downloading the game again
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