Weekend Event, New Build, and more.

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New Build 1.6.4

We have become aware of an exploitable bug, which surfaced after 1.6 was released. Because some players have already began taking advantage of this, we want to react quickly to get this fixed. We'd like to thank certain players for swiftly informing us of this. The exploit has been explained below, so it can be used for the currently running Challenge.

On any mission, immediately after you move your final survivor into the exit zone and you have a survivor with an action point left waiting in exit zone you can use that action point very quickly to kill a walker as your last survivor is running to the exit. Your survivor will perform the action as the Victory screen launches. Afterwards you will have anywhere from 6-50 extra stars awarded for that level and for your personal and guild total.

A fix has been created for this bug. However, for this to go live, the new build will have to be re-submitted to the App Store and Google Play Store. This new build is expected to be available for you to download some time next week.

Weekly Challenges

The current event will continue running for the next 24 hours or so as planned. The next challenge, The Factory, with human enemies will only go live once the new build has been released.

We are aware that some players have been able to amass a large amount of stars over the past few days. This has created discrepancies on the guild leaderboards. These discrepancies will be rectified once the leaderboard finishes its 14 day cycle.

Weekend Event

For this weekend, Radio Phones will have higher chance of Epic and Legendary survivors. This will go live at 05:00 AM EST / 12:00 PM UTC.

Comments and questions very welcome!
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    Accountability and strong sense of urgency! Keep up the good work NextGame.
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    EVENT is now live?
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    Teeceezy said:

    We are aware that some players have been able to amass a large amount of stars over the past few days. This has created discrepancies on the leaderboards. These discrepancies will be rectified once the leaderboard finishes its 14 day cycle.

    @Teeceezy , thx much for the update and the event.

    Pls note that the personal leaderboards will include the cheated/exploited starz forever.
    We know, it's only for bragging rights, but the leaderboard will almost have an 'Olympic doping' asterisk to it from now on.

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    Give us Valentines Day gift and zero all stars. Stars currently hold no meaning, but bragging, so it doesn't really matter if everyone starts next week with zero stars.
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    Thank god (A.K.A @Teeceezy ) the increased survivor event is back , it will be my 1st one that i actually have radios saved for. @Teeceezy what do i have to sacrifice animal wise too finally get a 2nd legendary char?? Goat?....im thinking goat....traditional.
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    Thanks for the update.

    I just want to point out, this bug (or perhaps another similar bug) can also cause bonus stars without doing any of the above actions as stated. these stars don't seem to count towards the total but stay counted on the level itself, raising the level and gas cost.
    This causes a mismatch on your level star count compared to your star total and effectively "robs" you of your total possible star count for the week.

    This also isn't new to this update, as it has happened at random (or at least I don't know the trigger) during other challenges in the past and has been reported before.
    Please have your code monkeys have an extra hard look at these mechanisms to ensure this and similar bugs don't slip through into later challenges.

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    THANK YOU Next Games!!!
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    Personal leaderboards represent total stars earned lifetime these will not rectify 14 days neither will total stars amassed by a guild.

    As for trying to placate us with the event, (and don't say you had this planned before hand as your way late announcing it and starting it) that's half aresed, throw in 150 radios at the v least so we have 10 free max chance pulls is compensation for your mess not a measly chance if you happen to have radios.

    Also in all my days have I never seen a dev/mod tell people how to do the exploit, wtf is that, seriously you should be minimising exposure not sing from the rooftops about it, sheesh......

    Last bit of money your getting from me until everyones stats are rectified or reset and refund has been applied for for all my gas purchased to get my leaderboard position has been applied for a refund too.

    *Drops Mic*
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    @Amiga I've updated the time when it's live.

    @Dread Thanks for flagging this, we're working on a fix for it.
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    Thanks for your concern @Poppy. We wanted to inform players previously unaware of this exploit so make it fair for everyone for the rest of the challenge.
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    @Teeceezy .... How does this make it fair.... Some of us are maxed out on every level because we put the work in, not to mention some of us has integrity and won't stoop to the cheaters level just for stars which should be and I hope will be retracted from all accts
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    Teeceezy you know what the best way to solve this issue is:

    1 - sort out your bugs
    2 - don't leave it almost a week to reply to people
    3 - to solve the star issue just reset stars to 0 so no one or guild have any and let it begin again
    4 - I think a little more time debugging before you release an update would stop all of this
  • +1 Miless I am also maxed out due to actual effort! Some free radios would be a nice bonus!
  • CapletonCapleton Member Posts: 441
    @Teeceezy Talking about fairness was a good laugh ;)

    Lifetime stars are effected, abuse of the exploits gave lots of rewards (personally and for any member of the guild) and it is ridiculous that you inform players to use the exploits. Are you serious?
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    I'm beginning to like the idea of simply resetting ALL starz, lifetime and current.
    They have no meaning whatsoever at the moment.

    And I'm saying this being well aware that I will most probably fall out of top50 because of it.
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    Or offer special valentine radio bundles. 100 radios for £5 for example.
    I'm sure a lot of us will buy it
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    Chaos theory + Butterfly effect = Radio event.
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    all stars from this weeks challenge should be deleted.

    or (and better): make a 2 week cycle on the personal leaderboad, too.

    Telling everyone(no! only the forum users) to use the bug as often as possible cant be a solution.

    edit: I made 293 stars so far this week and was very much looking foward to the magic 300, but this bug really kills my enthusiasm.
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    If I was unclear: The exploit will be fixed before the next challenge. There's less than a day left on the current one, during which this bug is still in the game.
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    "These discrepancies will be rectified once the leaderboard finishes its 14 day cycle"

    Ohhhh man-I can't wait to see this!
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    Thanks for the note. This kind of activity is something we would like to see more often. Bugs happen but it's important to fix them as soon as possible. I am currently sitting on 252 stars, not using the exploit. Those who use it... let them enjoy their fake noumbers!
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    Teeceezy said:

    New Build 1.6.4
    We are aware that some players have been able to amass a large amount of stars over the past few days. This has created discrepancies on the leaderboards. These discrepancies will be rectified once the leaderboard finishes its 14 day cycle.

    no they wont, single player top lists are all time lists not with a 14 day cycle!
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    If you would please bring back the mission survivors lvls that would also be much appreciated
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
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    Whoops! Thanks @krossle @Lawdog @SistersOfDaryl_Gaga.

    I accidentally a word.
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    @KaLi maybe the mission survivors will be added in the update next weke again, as a "sweetener" / surprise ...? as this weeks exploits show having some people with the lev 19 stills clearing helping so stopping others isnt helping with the "balance" and the poll on the topic quite clearly indicated maroity feel the current change does lead to an advantage in it's current state.

    And plenty of time between now and outpost to code a way of menaing the outpost can be a level playing field so those who have the skill to even get these high survivors can't use them in outposts...

    i just look forward to having to wait another 5 hours more than apple users to play it again ;-)
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    NextGames should remove all stars from this week in the leaderbords!
    PlayOrangUtan[Deleted User]
  • johnnydivesjohnnydives Member Posts: 324
    Am on 263 stars and in 11th place and this week lost a couple of places, someone came from no where and now I know why. I won't cheat but feel cheated. Am sorry but I feel you won't come back and you won't get me back from this one,

    The first error was the first problem with the stars but the second problem is how NG have dealt with it. You are deluded if you think this is acceptable.

    I like so many have invested so much time in this game and to do things properly but in this case its appears cheats prosper.
  • LanceLance Member Posts: 568
    Reset all board every 2 weeks, not just because of the bug, but to make a real competition.

    Gold medal from 1970 does not give extra medal for 2016 Olympic...
    But it this game it does.
    Thank god for the bug, it may force good changes.
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    @Lance good points.
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