Problems, Solutions and Suggestions for NML

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Dear NG (here represented by @Shteevie and @Teeceezy).

You have a real gem of a game in your hands and I want it to go on for many years. I love the game, so here is my list of observations compiled from almost two years of several hours of daily gameplay, from day 1 until now. Hope it helps guide us all (NG and players), to better days:

problem - Too many heroes, few ways to get them, few ways to boost specific heroes;
solution - More tokens, more radios;
suggestion - Let players choose their progress. Getting Glenn tokens when he is already a legendary instead of other heroes that need upgrading is frustrating.

problem - Too much grind makes the game a tedious job, not entertainment;
solution - Can't see.

Challenge Rewards
problem - Frustrating rewards, specially at higher RSL;
solution - Tweak percentages or add gold, radio and TG to the crates (multiple rewards per crate maybe);

problem - No benefit in being a top player or guild, as there’s no motivation to reach the top besides pride;
solution - Add rewards and guild challenges to make the hard work mean something individually and collectively;
suggestion - Add weekly board and a way to sort by country, guild etc.

Quest rewards
problem - There's no clear use for the quests and gold rewards are random and unbalanced (some give 10 some give 30);
solution - Make all give 30 gold equally and add some new ones to the mix, with tokens, radios, TG or gold as rewards.

Specific Hero Traits
problem - Unbalanced. Some are are really good and some laughable;
solution - Tweak them to playable. Ask players about it. Test them. I’ll go Hero by Hero with some notes:

Rick - He is the protagonist of the series and should have a really impacting trait. His current trait is good but % is too low. Since it puts characters in dangerous situations to activate, I suggest a considerable buff in %;

Michonne - Trait is good but % too low to make a difference;
Carl - ok
Abraham - ok;

Jesus - ok (although a suggest a complete revamp of his traits because he is nothing like the series character);
Sasha - ok
Rufus - ok;

Dwight - ok (perfect balanced and well thought character… Exactly like the series character… Congratulations on this one!);
Ezekiel - Trait is good but damage output is too low to make a difference;
Morgan - Trait is good but % can be boosted severely. Add something like 20% to make it playable. It’s useless as it is now because % incredibly low;
Eugene - It’s useless as it is now because % incredibly low (same as above);
Father Gabriel - ok;
Rosita - ok;
Negan - A little boost in % would help, since characters have to be severely wounded for it to activate, and its value is currently on par with Jesus and Abraham which gives bonus all the time (Negan trait is unbalanced compared to them);
Carol - ok;
Maggie - ok;
Glenn - ok;
Daryl - Boost % because Silencer never activates and is completely useless. Critical boost can remain low;
Tara - Trait is good but needs some tweak to be playable. Perhaps by making the healing avoid Hospital time, for example. It will find use and won’t be necessarily be an exploit

Weapon Traits
problem - Some are an absolute waste, like Silencer and Incendiary;
solution - Tweak them. Usually percentages are too low to make a difference. Boosting Silencer % and adding a small % of critical chance (like Daryl's) could help.

problem - Bruisers are hard to play at high RSL compared to other classes after bodyshot mechanic was introduced;
solution - Find a way to make them playable. I understand freeing up Stun could lead to exploit. But somethign has to be done.

Crate rewards
problem - Horrible rewards lead to frustration;
solution - Tie rewards to RSL of mission in more smart ways so that high RSL rewards at least appear to be better (it's often the opposite - more crap as difficulty increases).

Scavenge missions
problem - Cost x benefit isn’t good;
solution - Tweak;
suggestion - Add more types of scavenge and tie rewards to that type only, like gold, radio, supplies, xp, gear.

Game content

problem - It’s exhausted;
solution - New content, specially Story missions (they are awesome and add content to the whole TWD franchise not just the game).

problem - It makes no sense to have it in the game anymore. Why keep it if it has no purpose?
suggestion - Make a use for it, or simply reward players with the tokens from the deceased and wipe it away


And to finish… Two main problems in the game right now as I see as a end game player:

Outpost - The system is completely broke and not worth investing time into. Once you reach the 5000 cycle the cost x benefit of playing drops dramatically as rewards are very low and the reset too severe. Not even mentioning the fact that NOT investing in Outpost is actually better. You probably know this already and honestly should have fixed it already by now as it is disrespectful to players that put in time and resources to have an edge and got penalized by that.

Radios - They are too hard to get besides buying. This is the only way for end game players to become unique and the only way for beginners to reach top players.

 Something has to be done to at least avoid the "water in the desert" feeling.

A happy player base will only make it grow with good energy. Frustration only leads to depressive addiction, so don’t ruin it with greedy choices, please. NG is made of people and I’m sure you don’t want that kind of history on your hands. We are all together. 

Thank you and good vibes!

Raphael (rfg1982 :: Conquer Guild Family)


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    You forgot to add @Fearofabotplanet He is part of the team now too :)

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    Awesome list Raphael!!! I hope NG listens

    ZinXs (Conquer Guild)
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    Thanks for engaging @David_H79 - perhaps you could add something for us to discuss here if you have time and will.

    Thanks @painclasher!
  • David_H79David_H79 Member Posts: 1,866
    @rfg1982 nothing worth to discuss here. :)
    I agree on most points and appreciate the hard work you put into it. :)
  • AvengersAvengers Member Posts: 674

    You forgot to add @Fearofabotplanet He is part of the team now too :)

    havent seen him around. just like shteevie. where the hell is he? is he ever gonna do anything?
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    I would like to add something to your list regarding gear pulls.
    I would love to see a similar system to radio calls with gear crates.
    Rare gear is like a 1 call and you have to accept it.
    Epic gear like the 5 call choose from two.
    And legendary gear finally choose one out of three.
    If NG could also make a similar UI it could become a new highlight.
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    Rick's or Eugene's leader trait should be increased chance of radio drops in post mission crates or a ??% chance to get a radio from killed walker..
    Beacuse radios makes our survivors tougher by collecting tokens, the same as Rick teaches other survivors in the tv series to be tougher..
    And eugene beacuse only thing he is good at in the show is his smartness and he could lets say find the necessary parts for making a radio and assemble one..
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    Yes excellent points and solutions. I'm glad someone else is writing about how the protagonist of the show is poorly represented. Could you imagine a Star Wars game where Luke Skywalker was pretty much absent or a Batman game where Batman spent most of his time as Bruce Wayne? I could go on and on but it needs to be addressed soon. I've also brought up Daryl before many times because he can't retaliate and go into defensive stance in the same turn which really makes him have only 3 or 4 traits depending on if he is the leader or not. I have recently seen that retaliate and overwatch and defensive stance were meant to work together and not one of the other so if this gets fixed it would help Daryl and almost all melee fighters.

    The weapon and hero traits needs to work right 100% of the time. Sureshot is still a mystery as I still see it activate when it shouldn't or on characters who don't have it. Tell me if you heard this one before but swift strike has been a problem since day 1.

  • xiaofei66xiaofei66 Member Posts: 42
    Thanks for the time and thought put into your post!
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    Glenn trait is totally useless imo. When we need few milions of supplies 2k per run makes no difference at all.
    When we built everything he is even more useless lol
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    I hope no one remembers star wars masters of teras kasi... just as a fun example of many many mistakes including the complete imba of francise chars and the notion that simply attaching a brand name to something doesnt excuse a lack of game content or flawed in game play
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    Great post Raphael,
    Adding a suggestion for the challenge part: instead of grinding the same missions each round make them random, like the scavange missions. This would really earn the name challenge, as you do not know which map you get, but the opponents you might face!

    Regarding the Memorial tent:
    - option 1: remove it and give the survivors back, not possible from what i heard, but still the best solution, imo
    - option 2: convert it into a field hospital for minor injuries (bruises) and keep the hospital clear for real injuries.

    Add a "stop countdown" button to gas booster and double xp to enable players to get what they pay is not healthy and realistic to play 24hrs without break. This feature, if working correctly would make me spend money. And get value for money!

    If anything else comes to mind, I will add to the list!

    Together we can make it!
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    How about earning tokens as you use your a token for so much total damage inflicted during challenges, raids, or scavenges by any particular hero or survivor? Pretty simple and adds a significant dimension to these activities.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Agree that many heroes are useless like for example Rick. I have legendary Glenn and I never take him. I tried few times but amount of supplies are pathetic.
    For me he doesn't exist....bullet trait?? Nah..
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    I use Abe quite a bit. He's weak but I like the boost he gives the others. Jesus leads only if I have a melee quest. I park Rosita in my outpost as the leader and use Maggie on low level challenges. I use a few others to replace guys that are at the medic, but not as leaders. Other than that, I pretty much ignore the rest.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    As a very general idea--I would like a little more flexibility with tokens and traits. Avoiding specifics: it is very difficult and expensive to build out a specialized team to take advantage of different strategies. This herds everyone into a very few strategies. I, for example, rarely use hunters except Maggie for XP boost. I know they are almost mandatory, but I just got burned out on them. So none of my current play strategies use them. I think I do alright for it and have a richer experience, but even then there are strategies I have thought out but never investigated because the game economy makes checking out a dead end prohibitively expensive.
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    Same here @Gebobs and we should be using them more than what we currently are.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Heroes I used regularly:
    - Daryl
    - Rosita
    - Maggie
    - Michone
    - Abe

    - Tara
    - Shasha
    Rest almost never...
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    @Amiga B) you have Michonne?
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    @Andrea indeed :)
    I made few calls using ...500+ radios on hero event :P
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  • gcheong85gcheong85 Member Posts: 149
    Good suggestions but do be cautious on how NG takes your suggestions and implement could be a double edge sword
  • KillersZKillersZ Member Posts: 109
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    Thanks @rfg1982 for the problems presented and their solutions. I hope NG hears you and do not let this great game die. Could use maps of history missions as maps of challenges. The challenge really is very dull and boring, a solution for that would be random maps after 2 or 3 rounds.

    I would also like it to have a FPS mode. It would be interesting to be in the shoes of my favorite heroes or survivors.

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    Make NML Great Again!
  • AkartikiAkartiki Member Posts: 143
    How about adding 2x tomotoes to the 2x exp boost? Double both....

    "Dasein always understands itself in terms of its existence--in terms of a possibility of itself: to be itself or not itself." Heidegger
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 315
    Simple-ish suggestions to improve Rick and Darryl;
    Rick: instead of a meager dmg boost, trait should be an X% chance to INSTANT KILL a walker next to one of your survivors, like the wrestler trait, without requiring the heavy injury. It couldnt be 100% effective, even at 10 stars, (maybe up to 80%?) thus balancing the risk/reward aspect.

    Darryl: swap (and maybe boost) the critical and silence percentages, giving more emphasis on a "piercing" like attribute to the whole team, since the current "silenced" attribute is largely dismissed as virtually useless.
  • AvengersAvengers Member Posts: 674
    I would just want the repeat stages to go away. I don't want random maps. Just get rid of repeats and we will all be fine!
    And thanks for mentioning the hero traits and how they should work for themselves at least even when not in leader slot!
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