The Rumors of the Demise of the NML Guild Council Have Been Greatly Exaggerated



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    @SmittySpivey3 Your welcome. Having raised kids and having done app dev for 20+ years including some very large applications; I haven't run across a better one and in all honesty, I've heard quite a few devs refer to it is this way since it is so appropriate.
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    Supporting the guild council 100%, I'm in.
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    @unum yes heros are slightly more powerful in terms of damage when compared to a regular survivor of equal rarity but we can get regular survivors with traits of our choosing which makes them better in the long run unlike hero traits which we are stuck getting, not to mention hero tokens are even less common than regular survivor tokens.

    Wow that was a big run on sentence...
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    Shut_Up said:

    At times does it feel like NG is Donald Trump and the guild council is like his senior staff and they are trying to convince Donald not to hit send on that tweet and he just won't listen to reason?

    Hmm. I have some trouble with impulse control on the internet myself!
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