White Screen

Fester17Fester17 Member Posts: 679
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Getting this when I try to play. No, it's never happened before, and it's not the internet connection, other apps and games are working as they should.

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  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,673
    @Fester17 iOS or android? When is the white screen coming up? Loading? Camp?
  • Fester17Fester17 Member Posts: 679
    Evidently, the fourth time's the charm. Fourth reset and the game finally came back. This stuff only seems to happen when I've purchased a time-related booster.
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  • Fester17Fester17 Member Posts: 679
    @zbot, it was happening when I opened the game. It appears to be working for now. Platform is Ipad 4 with most current software.
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  • SpringChickenSpringChicken Member Posts: 145
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    I have also been getting this right after an ad video finishes playing instead of returning me to the game.

    I have to force close app to resolve the white screen.
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