Private chat for leader and his elders.

Think the title explains it all, a chatroom private from the other players so that they can discus things amongst themself before releasing the info to the rest of the guil.

Plus a pm system so you can send players private messages.


  • LonewolfNeoLonewolfNeo Member Posts: 106
    3rd party software might be a workaround but imo opinion a 'leader/elder' chat ingame is alot easier, so many other games use it with succes.
    And it prevents elder communiation being drowned out by massive chatting of the rest of the guild.
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    @LonewolfNeo , I prefer 3rd party app for communication just in case there are game issues such as guild not loading or even a rogue elder kicking everyone out. A separate chat app alllows for easy regrouping.
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    The in-game chat is very rudimentary. And I can never seem to get everyone to join Slack (which is what we are using). So announcements get lost in the chatter (because you can't pin anything or have a separate announcement section).

    There is no way to talk to anyone in private if they don't use Slack. So if you need to address whatever it may be in front of the whole group (and some things would be better discussed in private).

    But the most annoying thing is the limitation of the chat messages. Try discussing strategy... totally awful...

    Well, this has been a necroed thread, but I think that in-game chat could really use some love, especially considering that a lot of people who might have stopped otherwise are still playing because of their guild mates.
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