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  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    One highlight came a week or so ago when my guild played it's centennial challenge. Never figured the guild would last this long or that I would still be playing. Thanks to everyone that has contributed, past, present and future.
  • WhispererWhisperer Member Posts: 103
    My highlight is this game..
    I dont know why did i open play store about 16 months ago and started looking for a game (i never played games on a phone) but i gave it a try..
    The things i was looking for in game were first and most important zombies, after that a camp that i can by time upgrade and make it bigger, takin care of people leading them to survival searching for food , join a guild with other camps to work together.

    This game was and it still is perfect i couldnt believe i acctualy found the game with exact things i was looking for so thx NG for making it and improving it.
    I cant belive im playing the same game every day for 16 months thats longer that any game i played on my PC, after all the buffs and nerfs (well mostly nerfs) i stayed here every day.

    Now my highlights... I guess i have no highlights execpt earning first 1000+ stars in a challenge this week.

    Still didnt pass all the story missions, havent been in a top 50 with my guild..

    I tried to be a leader in my old guild, that was a huge fail, the guild fell apart in two weeks..

    What else, i broke my lamp after getting 256 micchone tokens and unlockher, hey thats another highlight..

    Currently saving radios to unlock Merle (that will be another highlight), i hope i wont break another lamp..

    And that would be it just let me know when to pick up a radio bundle and a badge and that would be it)
    Hey another future highlight..
  • sicariussicarius Member Posts: 57
    Highlight for me is the community aspects of the game. Didn't really get on the forum until the last few months, but it's opened a new aspect of the game through discussion and shared experiences. Better than that though is meeting some of the people in the guild I stumbled into last year. PatientZero2 (because we had to disband and reform in order to start recruiting again) has a lot of great people from different backgrounds, including a Manchester UK cop who was pressed into extended duty after the Grande concert explosion.
  • AvengersAvengers Member Posts: 674
    @MrRosado similar to yours, my highlight was when I cracked a long time standing pb of 1075 on my birthday!

    It was during the fight it out challenge week. Not only had I left my previous guild to recreate my own Grimes Den which was very special on its own, but I was playing the fight it out challenge (which is my absolute most favourite challenge EVER and it happened to fall on my birthday!!!!!) when I achieved 1159 stars!

    And this week, with the help of a great challenge where I can use enemies against each other and a good weekend event, I beat my birthday pb easily...and that too, at a time so close to my bro's bday when he can finally call himself an adult...even though he isn't one truely :wink: Who am I kidding! Neither am I!
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  • IRONDeeIRONDee Member Posts: 469
    Every time I beat an episode that was +2 to my survivor level.
    Winning deadly challenges. (Dead horse, I still miss that heart pounding fear)

    When @BigBob joined my guild, and then @dodkong and then we were 20 and have been ever since.

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  • thew_robertthew_robert Member Posts: 46
    Just happy to be here. Enjoying this game over a year now. Just recently started checking out the forums, very helpful, thanks. Probably shouldn't say, but never spent a dime. Still great, keep up the fun guys!
  • zeoweruszeowerus Member Posts: 138
    playing this awesome game with awesome guild mates(Thelostslayers) and maybe its better to say family members or friends or i dont know whatever you can call that you love.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    edited July 2017
    NML is the only mobile game I've played more than any other games...
    My daughter loves to open boxes since she had 3 yrs. This was an inspiration to me to create a game for her based on those boxes. Thx to NML I met a friend 6 months ago who helping me findings bugs in my other game till today.
    NML is a state of mind...
    My biggest fight was unlocking Michone. I've spent 400 radios during radio drop event.. I catched her with my last x10 call... Getting 128 tokens. After that my radio count was 0 and event ended..
    I was even the only person on 1st place on forum in "All Time Leaders
    " beating @Teeceezy ;p

    Aaa also finishing last story mission without bruisers in 21 lvl team :) freaking challenge.
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  • kiwinz7kiwinz7 Member Posts: 916
    edited July 2017
    I have 3 highlights I would like to mention:

    i). Having the honour of becoming the leader of Vault112 in late 2016. Vault112 has a proud history of before there was unlimited Gas, it's A Guild was Rank #2 & B Guild #10 Globally respectively.

    During my time as Leader I had implemented the following:
    - Statically Star Count Spreadsheet Analysis of a Players Weekly Star Count
    - Expanded membership to open a D guild
    - Developed guidelines on how I wanted to run the Guild, that were posted on Facebook TWD NML:Vault112
    - Created a group email account [email protected] for recruitment
    - Due to a number of long serving players either retiring or leaving the guild before my time as Leader. I was able to recruiting players to become a Top #20 Global Guild

    ii). In March 2017 I was involved in the negotiations to merged Vault112 to be part of the Eh family. The reason was for survival due to players leaving as a result of challenge 2.0. It has worked out well with everyone's players needs being met & for me personally to be part of Top 5 Global Guild Legacy Eh.

    iii). I never thought 3 months ago I would be the Number 1 Player in Australia for Weekly Challenges. I was ranked Number 4 & way over 3000 stars behind. Through hard dedicated work I am now proudly Ranked Number 1.

    Ranked #1 in Australia for Weekly Challenges

    Ranked in the Top 30 Globally for Weekly Challenge

    TWD NML Guild Council Member

    Recruiter & Legacy Eh Leader a Top 5 Global Guild

    Former Leader of Vault112 Top 20 Global Guild & it's 4 Guilds (Vault112, Vault112B, Vault112C & Vault112D) is now a part of the Eh family

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  • DLHDLH Member Posts: 401
    Joining the best group of people in Asylum. If it wasn't for the friends I've made with them this game would have been history a couple updates ago. Getting to see @Terminates at work in our guild was pretty special as well.
    Asylum/BlackjacknBeef Guild Family
  • MattOfEarthMattOfEarth Member Posts: 633
    I set a new mark for myself with Ka-Boom! 1200.
    Untill 7 weeks ago, I had only broke 1K one time and now have done so 6 out of the last 7 weeks. I joined a new guild with a great leader who explained how some aspects of the game worked in a mathematical way. I started getting involved with the forums and learned more. This was already my favorite game, but now I've been reinvigorated and have become completely obsessed.
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