14.5 and 14.6 still impossible?



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    Lv 20 survivors are able to beat them, good luck!
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    suestorm said:

    Happy to announce 14-5 and 14-6 are possible. I completed 14-5 with two bruisers and a scout. And 14-6 with two shooters and a bruiser. All level 21 legendary with level 24 legendary gear. Keep going guys, it is possible to win the game!

    Thanks guys! Just got 14.5 with two bruisers and a scout, all level 20 with six stars. Was close at the end, but once through the gate just had to get a couple stuns to proc on the freeman to buy time. Thankfully remaining freemen attacked walkers after the spawn and i was able to get to sprinting distance of the finish. 14.6 has always seemed easier for me than 14.5 on the regular and hard levels, so I think I'll have nightmare complete before the night is over.

    Then I can start bugging NG for new story missions, though I haven't seen any sign that's a priority for them right now.
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    I beat it pretty easily with bruiser, gold range shooter, and hunter about a month ago.
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    Just tried again and wanted to give an update.

    14.1. First try as as L20. Not even sure how I did it.

    14.2 was tough but doable as with L20 and I forget how I did it

    14.3 was simple, I just stunned the first guy with a bruiser and left him to fight the walkers. I think I did it in my first try and it is probably a bug that allowed me to complete the episode on the first try

    14.4 at least 20 tries with ultimately using an assault to stun everyone before the walkers came out. LEt them fight and continue on.... not easy but doable as a level 20

    14.5 About 30 tries as a level 20 and 10 tries as a level 21. No bug for me. Ended up getting past it with a bruiser who would stun the first shooter while I took out the hunter. Went up top and ignored the bruiser and killed the scout. Up until this point things are pretty easy to get to. I used a bruiser to stun the hunter at the gate, had Darrel holding off the hoard and shooter opening the gate. I could get to this point almost every time but this is when things harder. I used an entire turn to get ahead of the hoard behind and going the "down" path after the gate. I used my bruiser to stun the nearest shooter while I took out the other shooter with Darrell and my own. Once that center shooter was taken care of, another spawn happened and a few zombies decided to help out and engage the base. I walked out without killing the original down ow shooter or anything else. 6-star shooter, 6-star bruiser and 5 star Darrell (who helps because he fires back when he is hit)

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    FYI, there are a few tips for 14.6 here
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    14.6 finished with level 21 heros (level 20 weapons). Bruiser, shooter and hunter.

    There is a bug against the first 2 warriors that allows you to kill them with no damage. Move your guys up 2 spots and down 2 spots so they are not connected and they will go and hide. THen you can take out both warriors with your shooter and zero damage.

    Next up is the 2 bruisers who are more difficult but still easy. I ended up stunning one for 2 turns and killing the other rather easy.... try and not kill them at the very end of your turn or 2 zombies coming out back will get a free shot on you.

    Finally there are 2 hunters that were problematic, but not too bad. I ended up stunning one and taking out the other (shooter had charged up for a double attack and a critical from hunter.

    Somewhat upset the last guy runs away and it is over.

    More upset that I have nothing else to play the game for. Nightmare mode made me end up maxing some many more things that I needed trying to get past them.

    Would be nice to replay them all on nightmare+2 level mode and see how far I can get now that L22 heros are possible.
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