Can anyone tell me why the character's pofile picture changes color like Daryl here?


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    @tabernac I believe they are talking about the dark face on Daryl and not the border.

    I'm on Apple products and sometimes I get the dark face on team members on missions and it used to be easily corrected by taking them off the team and back on again. However, I had dark Abraham, Glenn, Rosita, and Daryl for about two weeks that just corrected a couple of days ago. Customer service told me to unistall and install the game but I didn't do that. Like @David_H79 said you can try to clear the cache which is what is recommended for Android users.
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    I am on an iPod mini 4, I was wondering if this was only on the IOS platform. This also happened to a non hero survivor and to Abraham who was only 4 stars ad not gold. I have played with Daryl this way and I didn't see any change in ability but then again I could have just missed that. Thanks for as the responses. When Abraham is shaded he looks like an oompa-loompa.
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    Uninstall and reinstall. Happens often after updates.
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    What the what?! When shady they don't hero?! Why haven't you told me this info before? This is the info I need. I'm gonna let you have a pass for this one because it should be apparent that sketchy sh*t is going down with a shady character...... But next time, tell me lol
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    I noticed this once with Glen and haven't received the leader trait bonus tomatos at the end of the mission.
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    @DLich Why, that's positively shady!

    We need a groan reaction button.
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    You don't remember what Daryl taught us?...
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