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  • RedEye52RedEye52 Member Posts: 182
    I can think of 2 highlights right now..,

    1) Back when I was one of the winners of the Christmas writing competition for my story about the fat Santa walker. I enjoyed writing it and the Small Radio Bundle was an awesome prize!

    2) The week I finished first in my guild, which was also a personal best. It was just a few weeks ago. I broke 700 stars for the first and only time, and finally finished in first place. I have level 17 survivors, and a handful of my guild mates are at level 20. We're not a top-scoring guild, but there is serious competition between some of us. I always finish in the top 3-5, but for one glorious challenge, I was on top.
  • ladyfarleigh13ladyfarleigh13 Member Posts: 93
    I'm so hooked on this game, i do the guild competition, missions as they come, i get excited when they restock the store, pink stars are my goals for the heros. I was excited when Daryl hit 5 stars. I'm lost when i have to wait for new missions. Keep it coming.... msdead
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    I started playing this game a week or so after release. I never joined a guild because I feared I couldn't be competitive enough. I found a really nice guild after about a year of playing. Nice people. We share tips and info. I am glad I joined.
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    My personal highlight from NML has to be the guild GreyWolfSociety and all of its members current and former. A year ago I met a friendly fellow named OlausTheNick soon after joining this forum who invited a couple of newbie players to Join his guild. Compared to now it was in its infancy and I got to participate and help build it to three guilds strong and globally ranked. The ridiculous times we had and late nights shared among the ever growing motley crew is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. It's the reason I kept playing then and why I still do now. And extra special thanks @OlausTheNick for putting up with my nightly inebriated episodes of Booshes Eats.
  • harrybond75harrybond75 Member Posts: 44
    getting 128 carl tokens
  • TunKitTunKit Member Posts: 9
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    My personal highlights is helping Rick, Michone meet Glenn and King Ezekiel, Carol meet Richard once again. Those were emotional and awesome reunions!
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    I always hope to have you back to the herd one day Fierce Goddess @Artisans ;)
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    Watching the show, reading the comics, and playing this game makes retirement worth wife also plays but only scavenge missions. I help her out now then. Keep up the good work NG!
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    Artisans said:

    @capibara, @Pig, @vshield50. Conspiracy? I've got my eye on you.

    My pants! Where are my pants!
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    delete please - reposted below with pic
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  • MetalMetal Member Posts: 492
    Finishing everything, spending everything, killing everything
  • javajnkiejavajnkie Member Posts: 553
    One of many highlights: Hitting the million stars mark with my guild mates and friends!
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    When I first began this game I was expecting it to be more like it is now with heroes on your team, so you could imagine my surprise when not only did we not have heroes but Daryl ditched me and left some pregnant lady behind to tell me what to do. I was trying to find a guild to join for guidance and camaraderie but after reading most of the guilds warm welcoming advertisements (they all basically read if you don't plan on getting a trillion stars each week piss off), I decided it would be best to start my own guild. Still feeling slightly abandoned by Daryl, I decided to call my guild Help Me Daryl with my motto being kill a zombie for mommy. Anyway, a few weeks later I signed on before work to see what the big surprise update was and lo and behold Daryl came back to help me. So unlocking Daryl is my biggest highlight of the game.

    My second biggest highlight would be when I recently realized you can steal trade goods during outpost raids without killing everyone. In the past I didnt do as many outpost raids as I had wanted to because I felt bad making other players lose points (I am sure opponents I have faced, such as Spitbubble, Ballcrusher and Braineater, are all great guys and dont want to hurt anyone.) I'll admit that back in the day, when you lost trade goods during raids, a few times after I lost a large amounts of goods I would go on vengeful rampages but the joy of revenge only lasted a short time before I once again felt guilty.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,196
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    My first highlight of the game other than playing it has been our guild, Aegis, it seems like yesterday but now we are celebrating 98 challenges played.

    Where to start, I found out about this game back in Oct/Nov 2015 when I left another TWD game. I didn't bother with the guild aspect until I was level 25 when I felt I was ready. Searched for guilds on Reddit, where I met @Alibaba and joined Aegis in Nov 2015.

    Fast forward to now and we are still here and going strong. There are many reasons why our guild rocks and I can name 20 reasons.

    I love you guys! Aegis Forever.

    My second highlight would have to be the forum. I found out about the forum mid Nov 2015. I lurked but did read a lot. It wasn't until I lost my account end of Nov 2015 that I made a forum account. Thanks to NG support my account was restored and from then on I've been helping out other users who lost their account. The forum has provided many friends, I helped out another user @Andrius with lost account back in Dec 2015 and became friends (special shout out to Eh!). The forum back in the days was comparable to the Wild Wild West! To restore order, the Alpha Player Mod @C_Lloyd was anointed. Then came the Trinity @Alibaba @Nate and myself. We lost @Nate but later @MadPuppy was added. It's been a great experience and thanks to @TK-421 and @Teeceezy for leading the way. There are too many users to name that have impacted the forum.

    Go go @Mod Squad and @NG Crew!

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    Wouw, that was hard to read, but nice second highlight, @zbot
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    Congrats @Aval0n :)
  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    Congrats. Have fun with the bundle :)
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