Outpost raid for influence with 3 bruiser

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In this video I recorded an attempt (one of several) of a different strategy for raiding for influence at outpost raids.

First of all here is the formula for a successful raid:
* retaliate
* great health
* at least one bruiser with revenge
* at least one bruiser with ruthless (to fight against fatties)
* take your time to clear the area before opening te gate

Some more tipps and how it works:
Instead of only running for TG with a team of large range weapons and a scout to only go for the crate, with this strategy you have to take your time. But that means to me a lot more fun. It breaks the boredomness of only rushing thru the map to load the charge ability, open the gate and run to the crate.
Another advantage is the extra XP by eliminating all defender. In raids where I only go for TG you only gather approx. 12-15k XP (depends on the number of walker, if Maggie leads and the lvl of the walker). Whilst killing all defenders (even without Maggie as a leader) this strategy offers approx. 25k XP.
With the high number of damage of this class I left the most of raids with only little time of healing.

It's best to stay together to benefit of the trait "ruthless" (to eliminate the walker in front of the gate). Spread your team (depends of the class of the defender and the map) after opening the gate.

My conclusion:
This strategy is way more fun. It takes more time to finish (I like that, bc with only 2 gas you play at least 6-8mins). If you go for influence the advantage of little healing times of this class is a plus.
The higher amount of XP is also a plus.

I really like this strategy and I'm gonna use it as long as I've got enough time for raids.

I'm looking forward to your experiences.

Stay safe out there.



  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 654
    Nice dodge by Negan from Eugene at the end, could that be a spoiler for the new season? ;)
    Great video, it entertained me before I go to bed. Maybe you can consider bringing a hunter with incendiary next time. Stun the defenders before lighting them up (I know I am sadistic :# ), the hunter can provide you some firepower should you encounter tougher OP too.
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