***Reduced Healing Time*** - Medic bag in creates

I was thinking if you could add a medic bag in the crates after mission that will reduce healing time in the hospital?

During the challenge we all cruse up to around 3+ your level then it starts to get challenging. The only problem is I don't seem to have chance to push my stars total up due to the 2 Hours 10 mins healing time and for most of Sunday and Monday my Tablet sits idle for most of the day. If there was the chance of reducing the healing time by playing scavenge missions I would probably play more (and get more on the misses nerves)

Possible collect medic bags like the radios and use them as and when you need them? (I know you want us to spend our gold!)

Just an Suggestion, I am also bored of scrapping all 1, 2, and 3 star equipment. Does anyone out there actual use them? please show me if you do.

that's all.



  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    Love the idea. Just remember though if you do make this happen you can't have a red cross on your package. That's trademarked by the Red Cross and they'll see your ass.
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