Interview with Putchuco! Drop your questions here

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Hi guys

Putchuco is the next person to be interviewed. He is the leader of RickRollers and is currently the 12th best player.

Drop your questions for him below! Questions from NG always welcome. @Teeceezy @Shteevie @Fearofabotplanet

You have until Monday 17th July 1PM UTC time

One question per person

Probably making a video!

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    Congrats @Putchuco and thanks in advance for doing this!

    My questions are the ones @Mark asked me that I would like to bring forward as I would like to hear this from other players:

    1) How might the game be better balanced so that other strategies are more viable?

    2) Does the game feel like its missing a crucial element(s)? (Name at least 2)


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    the name origin and proper pronunciation?
    its a swear word in my language interpretation >:):Do:)
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    If you could fart and it would always be silent but deadly, how much more would you fart?

    Edit: The one who smelt it dealt it!
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    If you were in charge of Next Games which direction would you take the game?

    Outposts, challenge or story?
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    How do you know when the game has become an addiction and you need professional help?
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    @Fragzie Which question are you going for?

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    Awesome questions, i love it.

    Are there questions from the first interview with @WeekOne you might want to ask me too?
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    How are u able to manage your time between playing the game, managing rr, personal life, n work?
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    More questions that I would like to bring forward from the 1st interview:

    1. When did you get into the walking dead no man’s land? How did you hear about it?

    2. Name your favourite traits for survivor, weapon, and armour for the WARRIOR CLASS.

    3. Favourite challenge map set and why?

    4. What is your least favourite survivor trait and why?

    5. Alexandria Challenge - Gate Crashing: Name one effective strategy combo that you would recommend for high level playing [paired with one of the heroes]... I’m looking for survivor traits, weapons, and armours you would recommend.
    [don’t forget to take SS and post them during the interview for all of us to see]

    6. If you could change one thing about game what would it be?

    7. Do you think we need another survivor class? If so, what other class of survivor would you like to see NextGames add to the game?

    8. With regards to the forum community... We all have our strengths, weaknesses, and different personalities... Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what your strengths are and weaknesses [if you have any]?
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    Mr Putchuco, your popularity is like a run away freight train, why are you sooo popular?
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    What one thing in this game should absolutely be changed?
  • thebullthebull Member Posts: 32
    Do you think NG will ever address the issue of being penalized for upgrading your survivors?
    -The Bull
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    I think you know my question.
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    @painwalker please ask this question during your interview

    Guilds have played a big role in creating and bringing a community of survivors from different parts of the world together.

    Through many rollercoasters of updates, we helped each other move on and look towards the future.

    @Putchuco Do you think NG should prioritize in developing more layers of content for guilds such as weekly competition between guilds for prizes.

    Back in Jan 2016 we had guild competition between other guilds. Top 3 got prizes. I thought we would have more of those types of events. (Attached picture below) However we haven't seen it since then.

    It would be nice to have these types of events to build more motivation and drive for teammates and survivors to push and compete with others.

    Instead of top 3, I would like to see it branch out to like top 50 guilds so that it brings more layers of competition for all players and levels.

    Do you agree with needing more in-game guild development and what are some of your ideas that you would like next game to develop and implement for guilds!?
    Pain WalkerJapes87Avengers
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    Please provide us with a brief history of the legendary Rickrollers guild alliance!
    Pain WalkerPutchuco
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    @Pig it was enough for 1 interview

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    Hello @Putchuco congratulations on being the 2nd interviewee , from what I know of you , you're a respectable honest person from Rickrollers guild who is very skilled at NML. My question to you would be,

    Do you feel that NG has struck a balance between keeping their longtime players happy and the newbies and F2P groups happy as well ?

    My follow up question would be , do you think it's easier for them to go after the quick IAP revenue or try to make this game a long-lasting venture where the money and/or time you put into it actually amounts to something?

    Pain WalkerKaLiPutchuco
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    Which is a bigger turn on; Tracy's wild party stories or new colors on spreadsheets?
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