'Stucked' at level 14

Hi guys, i just wanna have some opinions on my playing style. Currently, i am at lvl 14, with abe(epic), maggie(epic), daryl (leg), rosita (epic), one leg shooter as my primary group to rotate around for my weekly challenge. I do use tara and shasha (both rare) at times. I got around 600+ for my weekly challenges without any problem, which is +4 my RSL i believe.

Now, i am trying to push myself to the next tier which is to get 700 and more for my challenges but i feel that it is not really possible as i started to get bruised and injured and do not have the necessary replacement heros/survivors. My gears are all leg.

My question - do i need to level up my heros/survivors to level 15 to get more stars on my challenges? Problem that is stopping me for going level 15 is the lack of good level 15 leg equipments at this moment. Should i take the risk and upgrade my heros and hope for good leg or stay put and try to roll for good 15 level leg gears which i feel is very difficult given the fact that i am still in level 14.

I do have a good stock pile of radios which i can use if needed.

Appreciate if anyone out there can advise me my next step to in order to progress further in this game.

Thanks in advance,


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