After the Wildfire - Overview, Tips & Strategy

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I don't really have many strategies for this map since I don't remember it all that well, but all the spawn blocks and some forecasting in there. I will do my best to add videos during the week.

I think the tough map this week will be "Approaching Horde". We need to see if we can lure the spiked Walkers to the bottom of the map (behind the rock) to save a turn or two since they are A-holes that can't be Wrestled and instead cause instant death.

Any other tips or blocks that I missed, please post, there were some great ones last week!


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    Thank you Carlos and Torres, I didn't know that. Good information to know. Thanks again.
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    good tip @carlos1981 @SPC_TORRES -- I'll add that info to the site, and the spawn block will be very helpful. I'll definitely try fighting my way back there when the mission gets really tough!!
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    Only downside on that Survivor placement is that Rosita can't shoot the walker coming out of the container from her position. That will be tough to kill a high level walker with just one survivor if you want to block the walker spawn after the container is closed.. Definitely something to try out, though.
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    Carly said:

    Forest Farm been using rosita on point and 2 scouts with threat reduce. So far haven't had face any addtl spawns other than 2 walkers at end by barn, but only at level 21.2 so not sure hw long this tactic will last.

    Using same trio fr Abandoned Camp.

    I've been using Jesus and 2 threat reduction scouts on both levels and it has been clear sailing so far. I have swift strike on both weapons as well which speeds things up nicely grabbing crates on Forest Farm.

    FYI @OneLessTitan
    There's a typo on both those map descriptions on your page:

    "Jesus: If you use teams of Ranged Survivors, more Damage and Health is very helpful."

    I'm sure you mean Melee and not Ranged.
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    @Mabiki I may try Jesus to see how do. But still having success with Rosita and she hasn't fired a single shot.

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    On Forest Farm I open the furthest 4 boxes first (furthest two if pos but sometime not) so that you are only dealing with one coming each turn, by the time there is two and the spawn is coming you are on your way home.

    will be checking @Terminates video when I get home, always worth a watch.

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    I love the farming with most of these maps! I've been using a 3 Assault group to take advantage of the damage bonus. Got my first bruise on 25.1. Time to look at actual strategy instead of using the "spray and pray" method. B)
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    @anniesprinkles Thank you!

    Its an honor being mentioned by you and have been thought of by OLT. He is truly inspirational ;)

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