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Ok, we added a bunch of basically useless bubbles to tell you how many players/weapons/armor are available for upgrade. Can we have a bubble to notify of new messages in guild chat. I joined a few different guilds when i first started but chat was basically dead in all of them because no one checks it. It would be nice to have some kind of notice that people in your guuld are talking so people would check it more often.


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    It has been suggested before, more than once even...

    Good idea
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    have been asked many times
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    Yeap, everytime you start up the game chat Messages should apear if people are talking in the guild. I dont want them to come up if the game is turned off as notices. You already have to mutch of that from other apps and sometimes that is very annoying. +1
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    It's nonsense,anyone interested just need to enter the chat and read.Stop asking bullshit please!arrg!!
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    if anything a guild chat needs, its the feature where you will see who promote, demote, or banish a member.

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    In-game notifications of new chat messages are coming.
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