Merle Dixon - Shooter??? More like a scout.... or a combo

Merle Dixon - Shooter
Leader Trait "Jackass": Your team deals 16% more damage when attacking an enemy of higher level than any member of your team. [Upgradeable to 30%]

Dude should be a scout for sure. He has a knife for an arm... common
How about a combo, like shooter but make his charge ability brain stab


  • KaLiKaLi Member Posts: 426
    Great idea. NG should really introduce hybrid classes or even heroes.
  • bitercakesbitercakes Member Posts: 43
    Or be able to customize the hero traits. I want some of the new traits like revenge for Daryl , or punish for Negan
  • bitercakesbitercakes Member Posts: 43
    Like Rick had an "Ricks assault riffle" package come out in the shop but I didn't know if it would change his class
  • bitercakesbitercakes Member Posts: 43
    Merle Dixon for Scout! He has a knife for a hand! Hello!!!! Does this not make complete sense?
  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    What's the point of cutting your own arm off if you can't f****** stab something with your stub that you attached a knife to. That's like buying running shoes and not running. Common Sense out the window stupid is as stupid does.
  • DigxDigx Member Posts: 39
    One thing is the tv series, he always had a pistol..
    But for me the best way,is to give him the punish trait,that way he can be a shooter,and use de hand blade to kill nearby Walkers
    This is another stupid, rushed with no planning character added to the game. Not a scout? Not that I use scouts, but that is some poor decision making.
  • GothgulGothgul Member Posts: 284
    Resurrecting this thread from yesteryear, since I really want Merle to be able to stab things as well, and also to congratulate @bitercakes for ushering in trait re-roll tokens (eventually). But seriously, with hero's like SR and Morgan dominating, a hybrid Merle would hardly be out of place or game breaking...who's with me?!
    OK, maybe it would be a little OP, 2 attacks with pistol, and potentially 2 more attacks with scout weapon,but it's where the game is heading anyway, so it might as well be Merle.
    Fine, make the charge attack applicable to either the pistol, or the scout weapon, and call it a day. They both charge up with kills, but you pick which to use for charge attack. What's that you say? He still might get 4 attacks in a round? OK, make his prosthetic "fixed" in that it's traits are set and you can't equip a scout weapon, but it levels with him, and has decent traits but not swift strike.
    That, or change the graphic to pre-amputation Merle so it all makes sense again.
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