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    :| Can someone please check your algorithms for your supplies? We spend 540k for an upgrade and the max it holds is 1300? If we're lucky we get an upgrade every 10 days Unless I'm doing it wrong?? it's a bit cheap deal! 2.5% back when spend 540k?? Yucks give me at least 10% lol
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    Salut! Je propose de montrer le nombre de points d'amélioration des armes/personnages. Peut être aussi un new bâtiments -> usine permet de construire ses propres armes (utilisation de nourriture) et choisir ses compétences (utilisations d'xp) à partir du conseil niveau 7-8. Le jeu est super cool !
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    Hi there,just wana know/give the idea..
    Why the new walker killing contest ( Daryl's VS Negan's) and the next just about killing walkers?why dont u do some kind of percentage of each team..obvius that there r about 10 Dary's players for 1 Negan's..and isnt that fair..if those 10 of Daryl's team kill 10 walkers =100, but 1 of Negan's kill the same 10, have kill the same percentage that the others..i think that is more fair if u do those math,and not just the killing part..
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    If in the next one everyone choose Rick's,over Michonne's isnt a contest,to see who kills more walkers..i guess that everyone can have the same chance,and not depending on the nrs of players of their team..
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    Another idea..why dont u open the story missions,for those that have finish that mode,but with lvl 20,21 and 22 or even 23 for the last missions..this way players can keep playing even more,and not just playing the scanvage mission or PvP or just guild mission
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    Do u will put some of the Fear of the Walking Dead ppl in the game,when it comes on?
    Or why do not give some of the dead heros of TWD (shane,andrea,hershel,merle,t-dog..etc),even without leader power,or a very small one, or even a combo with others..i know that u have their vest,but isnt the same..
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    Add new challenges to challenge stage getting tired of playing recycled ones
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    Would love if guilds could battle or raid each other:-)
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    I did suggest adding the Governor, Merle and others. Now that those two have been added, I will resuggest these Heroes:
    And then add newer characters such as Aaron, Enid, Heath
    Add new character costumes
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    Why can't the rest of my players survive and exit to win even if one player dies. Revival time would still be the same. Some people have to be sacrificed in order for others to escape.
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    Leader trait - Bonus radio calls
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    Hello nextgames,
    Have you ever think abou mission like "zombie rush"? When zombies attak non stop, starting from low level (strength), until you can't bit them, mission without losing health, just open kind of achievement. In that also you can try combo atak, when all characters in mission, attak at same time, with some extra bonuses in healing, defence or attak, it will look spectacular and will give more interest to game, by trying make combos having some rules for it.
    Thank you!
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