Interview with Putchuco! Feedback thread. PART 2 AVAILABLE FOR $4.99

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Hi part 1 is here. What do you think of this format?

Part 2

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    17 How might the game be better balanced so that other strategies are more viable?

    "Very good but tough question.
    Unique traits are one thing that helps spicing things up, and encourage us to use all classes.
    The heroes play a big part in this, i vividly remember the times before heroes, and also the times with brutal xp grinding. A lot has happened since then, and it has helped the game.
    Sometimes changes are necessary, some call it nerfing, but that might not do it justice.
    Let's take the interrupt/dodge 'nerf': as mentioned before it was overpowered and a change was good for the overall game.
    BUT, I am not letting NextGames off easy here, because I believe this change shouldve been communicated, giving players a heads-up where we are going.
    'hey, we at NG believe interrupt/dodge is overpowered and reducing the game to just these traits is not good. we are in the progress of addressing this issue, so we want to gice you a heads-up so you dont rely completely on these traits."

    18 At higher levels in the game the warrior, scout and bruisers are easily defeated. The bruiser is especially vulnerable. What can NG do to address this issue?
    "I would disagree on the scouts dying easily, they are certainly the one melee class that is very useful for some maps.
    I agree on Warrior and bruiser, maybe not because they die earlier, but because the dont really add a crucial part that helps me in high-lvls.
    Bruisers were GREAT when we were able to stun any lvl of enemy, that was considered overpowered.
    A creative new trait (maybe like Punish) could help a lot, a special ability like extra step for scouts.
    Adding more damage or health does not really help at this point.
    Special starz for using certain classes (somewhat similar to what the bonus quests did), but in hi-lvl.
    Shooting from the hip: using ea class, either all three or at least one-two of a class per round adds starz (or subtracts from the extra starz per round)."

    19 Does the game feel like its missing a crucial element(s)? (Name at least 2)
    20 What is your most wanted in game development for the future? (Capibara)
    21 What one thing in this game should absolutely be changed? (Mais88)

    "as soon as possible:
    - challenge structure (starting and first repeat lvl, encouragement to upgrade)
    - better return values for retiring survivors
    - reduce wrestling, good as a trait, but boring as the only option in hi-lvls"
    "going forward
    - guild management
    - better gear management
    - display of traits during a mission (who was the one with the stun resist, which survivor has def stance...?)
    - address dilution of heroes and trait combinations on gear/survivors, ppl are frustrated by hunting for THE perfect survivor/gear
    - involve the fans, start polls, creative sections, give us a tool to create maps, clothes"

    22 Do you think NG will ever address the issue of being penalized for upgrading your survivors? (thebull)
    "Yes, I believe this being addressed, and I hope that the tremendous insight that some players have contributed helps here.
    But I also hope that the discussion about it stays positive and solution-oriented.
    It has become a very heated topic."

    23 Do you think NG should prioritize in developing more layers of content for guilds such as weekly competition between guilds for prizes. (KaLi)
    "- not a fan of guild vs guild, or special guild rewards as that would likely just result in 'the rich getting richer'
    - i would love something like this, but it needs to be fair. The top players do not need more advantages"

    24 Do you feel that NG has struck a balance between keeping their longtime players happy and the newbies and F2P groups happy as well ? (Japes87)
    "I do believe that NG WANTS to strike a balance here. Get new fans of the series to the game etc.
    I have the impression that some features and changes were done for exactly that purpose: more accessible shoot-em-up with fun-to-use weapons, like the flamethrower and the molotov cocktail.
    However, I believe that a lot of these new players do not stay around for long, the addiction factor kicks in for other game features.
    Doesn't every game have their shelf-live?
    Are players quitting after 12-18 months because the game is not 'good enough' or because they got tired of it, the grind, not enough new features, IRL kicking in, not achieving the goals they set themselves?
    Some features like better guild mgmt, gear mgmt would benefit pretty much only long-term players and their guilds, not a feature NG could sell in an ad to new players... ;)
    On the other hand we see the obvious difference between F2P players and players paying - sometimes large sums - for the game.
    a) i dont get that some people take an extreme satisfaction out of 'never paid a single cent': how is that helping? developers work for free now??
    b) paying players have received enormous opportunities to spend money, gas booster was by far the very best. If you play this game 7 days a week for somewhere between 2 and 6 hours, you dont have 2€/$ for a gas booster?
    On the other hand making a gas booster a neccessity for a good score in the challenge is a bit of a downer. A booster should help to manage the time in the game, but not be absolutely neccessary to have a chance for a high score."

    25 If you could change one thing about game what would it be?
    "I would want a better collaboration between players/community and NG. That is possibly the single most desirable topic.
    Not an easy balance to strike, as some strong opinions collide here mid-air.
    Games that survived a year of shelf-live have achieved this because they were somehow able to strike that balance, have introduced player-created material like maps, gear.
    The NML engine is strong and i could see us adding a ton of content to it."

    26 Do you think we need another survivor class? If so, what other class of survivor would you like to see NextGames add to the game?
    "I used to think so, but the demand for balance and advantage of a new class is very difficult to achieve.
    We see with the much-lamented hero dilution that more is not always better."

    27 Which deceased hero would you want in the game what class would he be? (DJST SQUAD)
    "Apart from the much discussed hero dilution I would certainly love to see Hershel again!
    Maybe he would boost all traits in a team?
    Would Savior teams with a hero - possibly even special traits - make the challenges more fun?"

    A big thx goes out to @Teeceezy for suggesting this format, and another to @painwalker to make it all happen!! A great idea, and I wish we would continue this and get to know more players of the NML communuity!
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    I'm looking forward to this interview :)

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    Added part 1

    Probably making a video!

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    @painwalker , great job on putting this all together, and even more so on enduring my never-ending wishlist on the visuals ! ;)

    Wait, what's my cut on the $4.99??
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    Really interesting stuff! Great work!
    Pain WalkerTroublemakerDLich
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    Added transcript of part 1 of the interview, as that might be easier to read than to listen to my voice putting you to sleep ;)
    Words are not exactly the same, you might excuse that.
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    @Putchuco thank you so much for taking the time to do all that! Totally wonderful.
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    @Putchuco awesome! Can't wait for more... :smile:
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    On your youtube video in the description, there is a link for "FREE RADIOS/GOLD". What is that? Is it something legitimate?
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    Thanks for the transcript!
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    @8N8 PM don’t want to break forum rules ;)

    Probably making a video!

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    Great interview, guys!
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    Awesome interview... can’t wait for part 2 :)
  • Pain WalkerPain Walker Content Creator Posts: 2,627
    Added part 2

    Probably making a video!

    My Youtube Channel:
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    Added transcript for second part :)
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