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Sup gang,

It's (finally) time for my yearly vacation and I'll be out-of-forums for the next four weeks. If you're in need of assistance during my absence, please hit up @Fearofabotplanet or one of the mods (@zbot, @David_H79, @C_Lloyd) whose very capable hands will be running the show.

Here's a gif of me at around 15:00 Helsinki time:

Peace out! <3


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    Enjoy @Teeceezy !
    I'm lost.

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    At 15:01 Helsinki time all new incoming messages begin being forwarded to Teeceezy's inbox :D

    Just kidding! ;)
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    Let me know what time your plane arrives and I'll pick you up at the airport. ;) Safe trip!
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    Nice sword! Have a good, safe time! Stay away as long as you can, get some miscellaneous stuff done, and party as much as you want!
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    This means no update within the next weeks... ;)
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    Have an awesome time @Teeceezy - but what happened to making me an honorary administrator while you're on vacation? :wink:
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