Difference between hero and survivior?


Normally when I put together a crew to go out and hunt walkers I just look at the damage and health. Higher numbers mean, this one is better. But now I found this out:

Daryl: Level 22, 5 star
traits: silent shot 5, marksman 5, retaliate 5, dodge 5, defensive stance 5

Hunter: Level 22, 7 star
traits: lucky 6, dodge 6, marksman 6, vigilant 7, iron skin 7

I tried this weapon with both:
.308 Hawk, Level 25, 5 star
letahl silver, incendiary gold, accurate gold

I found this out:
Daryl: Damage 3263

Hunter:Damage 3228

So it seems to be easy to tell, Daryl is the better one. BUT when I use them I got the feeling that the hunter hits harder. He got everytime a single shot kill at level 25 walkers. Daryl needs sometimes two shots.

If my experience is right, I can not just use damage and health to determine who is the strongest. So what else could I use?



  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 2,275
    Does the level higher marksman trait show in the numbers or do we have to add that on in our heads?
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 1,994
    Marksman is already calculated.
    You'd need to subract it to know base values.
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