Incendiary guns on defense in outposts.

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It's an interesting concept that works pretty good especially if the person has retaliate or revenge but I feel like it does a bit TOO much damage to raiding parties? Ideas? Opinions? (Especially with the new revenge trait). Maybe @Teeceezy can keep one of those 100 eyes he must have on the situation. But plz everyone else's opinions first
Guts & Glory, not always in that order.


  • afroponixafroponix Member Posts: 503
    Yeah I figured that trick out quick when my attackers were getting caught on fire by melee defenders and vice versa, it's a nice addition and realistic to outpost if they could only make scouts with spears NOT receive fire let me picture the eyes monitoring this situation ;-P
    Guts & Glory, not always in that order.
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    Good luck with that

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