Radio event,pls post your results.



  • tammytammy Member Posts: 1,716
    Only 5 X 15 calls....all rare...all dumped :/
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  • CerealKillerCerealKiller Member Posts: 92
    Android Radio tower 6.

    31 x15 calls
    14 rare, 16 epic, 1 legendary scout (max 16)
  • AdamantiumAdamantium Member Posts: 77
    4x15 this weekend.
    3x epic and 1 rare.
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836

    That's borderline criminal.
  • khajiitkhajiit Member Posts: 27
    I used 15 radios 5 times and got all greens and 1 legendary.

    Either I have horrible luck or I just don't get the bonuses. Wasted all my radios, wish I didn't.

    Last time there was an event like this I only got green guys too.

    Some day I'll learn and stop spending my radios until I have like 500+

  • DeucesDeuces Member Posts: 55
    Level 5 radio tent

    6/14 Epic Hunter
    5/15 Legendary Scout

    Updated radio tent to level 6

    6/16 Legendary Assault
    8/16 Epic Warrior
    10/16 Rare Warrior
    8/18 Legendary Warrior
    8/16 Epic Assault
    10/16 Rare Shooter
    9/15 Rare Warrior
    10/16 Rare Bruiser
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    edited February 2016
    OMG :open_mouth:
    I was mad for 5x15 without leg...but 31 calls?? No more questions...
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  • SkySky Member Posts: 46
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    iPhone 6S
    Radio tower Lvl 6
    Two days before event did a 1 radio call out of sheer boredom while waiting for gas to refill and got a legendary assault. Yes, I was very surprised.

    Had 184 radios and got legendary bruiser plus epic shooter, 2 epic scouts, epic hunter that I kept. Discarded 2 epic bruisers, rare hunter, rare warrior.

    Still have some radios left. Saving for tonite during Walking Dead premiere.

    I'm Lvl 35 and my crew is Lvl 13 so I'm ok with my draws for the most part. Half of my team was maxed out at Lvl 13 so I needed new blood badly.
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,522
    I just finished off my radios with 4-15s. All four were rare bruisers. Da fuh? Some people posting on Twitter are showing survivors with a level 17 max - I never saw any 17s, Saw a few 16s but mostly 14/15.
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  • ElkadorElkador Member, Content Creator ❤️ Posts: 81
    Radio Tent Level 6 I guess (1-12)
    8x15radios calls

    6 Rare chars (all crap)
    2 epic assaults (now I have 3 of them, maxlevel between 15 and 17)
  • AdamantiumAdamantium Member Posts: 77
    I didn't get any epic/leg hunter for weeks now... It's disheartening to know that devs are manipulating drop chances.
  • DudeFromWADudeFromWA Member Posts: 4
    I did 6 x15 radio calls with my lvl6 Radio Shack. Every stinking one was a RARE! Not one Epic/Legendary survivor in the bunch. I have received Epic/Legendary survivors outside of this event, but none during it. Not Cool!
  • No luck this time around in NML main for me but look who decided to make an appearance in Beta :)

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  • woodstockwoodstock Member Posts: 200
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    Radio Tent Level 7, 32 x 15 radios = 480 radios:

    08/16 Epic Scout 10/16 Rare Hunter 09/15 Rare Assault 09/15 Rare Bruiser 10/16 Rare Assault 10/16 Rare Hunter 11/17 Rare Bruiser 10/16 Rare Bruiser 10/16 Rare Assault 10/16 Rare Bruiser 10/16 Rare Assault 09/17 Epic Hunter 10/16 Rare Assault 08/18 Lgdr Assault 10/16 Rare Scout 09/17 Epic Shooter 10/18 Epic Bruiser 08/18 Lgdr Scout 08/18 Lgdr Bruiser 10/16 Rare Hunter 10/18 Epic Bruiser 11/17 Rare Hunter 09/17 Epic Shooter 09/15 Rare Shooter 08/16 Epic Warrior 08/16 Epic Assault 09/15 Rare Shooter 10/16 Rare Bruiser 10/16 Rare Warrior 08/16 Epic Warrior 10/16 Rare Hunter 10/18 Epic Assault

    I was already mad after getting 10 rare in a row, and it took forever to get a warrior. But at least 3 legs overall.
  • Loewe1968Loewe1968 Member Posts: 553
    25 calls (15 radios) and only 1 legendary (hunter)!?!
  • woodstockwoodstock Member Posts: 200

    10x15 radio + 1x5 radio 11 2stars..

    Radio tent level 6 - I'm on level 31

    With a 15 radio call you should get at least a 3 star. If this is no typo, you should contact the support.
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  • JAGJAG Member Posts: 291
    Elly said:

    I'm on iOS too with consistent rare warrior pulls on 15 call. I really wish players were posting their operating system.

    Hi Elly! Not sure why you expect device OS to affect the radio outcome but it would be one factor out of several.
    It's not easy to predict random outcome, but if you get same recruit every time I believe that's a bug. See

    In that case, the bug may depend on your user account rather than the device. If you need support, check this link.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Finally my first leg this event.. Job done for me ;)

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  • @Elly
    JAG said:

    Elly said:

    I'm on iOS too with consistent rare warrior pulls on 15 call. I really wish players were posting their operating system.

    Hi Elly! Not sure why you expect device OS to affect the radio outcome but it would be one factor out of several.
    It's not easy to predict random outcome, but if you get same recruit every time I believe that's a bug. See

    In that case, the bug may depend on your user account rather than the device. If you need support, check this link.
    She just wants to check to see if the odds are more favorable for one OS as compared to the other. I dont think their will be much of a difference either but it doesnt hurt to check :)
  • ZKillerDKZKillerDK Member Posts: 41
    I see some of you guys are lucky getting legendary's.
    My guild has used somewhere around 2000 radios and only gotten 4-5 legendary's in total:((
    Can that be bad luck only..?? Hmmmm

    We don't see that the chances was increased this weekend - not at all.
    In fact, we have pulled more legendary's in total the previous month
  • ZKillerDKZKillerDK Member Posts: 41
    Does anyone knows what happened to the weekly challenges? And the timer is gone too...
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836

    Two to three thousand radios,for 4-5 Legs?!

    Fucktaters.Stay away from our guild man.You guys are bad mojo.
  • ZKillerDKZKillerDK Member Posts: 41
    edited February 2016
    Lol.. Don't worry, I'll stay where I am
  • DutchbrotherDutchbrother Member Posts: 43
    Do you know anybody who used 480 radios and didn't get any legendaries?


    You don't?

    Well now you do.

    Here are my amazing results. Don't cry for me though. I have a legendary team already that mows people down like a kindergartner eating applesauce:

    Dutchbrother's Radio Tent Pulls

    4:16 AM 2/12/2016

    1) 11/17 Rare Scout (R)
    2) 10/16 Rare Bruiser (R)
    3) 8/16 Epic Shooter (A)
    4) 10/18 Epic Warrior (A)
    5) 9/17 Epic Warrior (A)
    6) 8/16 Epic Assault (R)
    7) 10/16 Rare Shooter (R)
    8) 10/16 Rare Assault (R)
    9) 9/17 Epic Shooter (A)
    10) 8/16 Epic Bruiser (R)

    6:06 PM 2/12/2016

    11) 11/17 Rare Warrior (R)
    12) 9/15 Rare Scout (R)
    13) 11/17 Rare Hunter (R)
    14) 8/16 Epic Scout (A)
    15) 10/18 Epic Assault (A)

    3:46 PM 2/13/2016

    16) 10/18 Epic Hunter (A)
    17) 8/16 Epic Scout (R)
    18) 8/16 Epic Assault (R)
    19) 10/18 Epic Bruiser (R)
    20) 9/15 Rare Warrior (R)

    2:54 PM 2/14/2016

    21) 11/17 Rare Scout (R)
    22) 10/16 Rare Warrior (R)
    23) 10/18 Epic Warrior (A)
    24) 10/16 Rare Shooter (R)
    25) 9/15 Rare Shooter (R)

    1:27 AM 2/15/2016

    26) 10/18 Epic Hunter (A)
    27) 11/17 Rare Shooter (R)
    28) 9/15 Rare Hunter (R)
    29) 8/16 Epic Shooter (R)
    30) 10/18 Epic Hunter (A)

    6:08 AM 2/15/2016

    31) 8/16 Epic Warrior (R)
    32) 9/17 Epic Shooter (R)

  • ZKillerDKZKillerDK Member Posts: 41

    Oh my fooking god!!
    Well, it doesn't require an expert to figure out that this event didn't work as stated
  • Lynz4texLynz4tex Member Posts: 76
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    @ZKillerDK No, not at all. I feel cheated.
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  • WalkerBait1WalkerBait1 Member Posts: 1,060
    Over 200+ radios two legendary, two epics & a crap load of rare etc only kept the two legendary and one epic so far :/

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  • ElkardianElkardian Member Posts: 6
    So, since posting my dismall results from this event last Friday...I had earned another 30 radios - enough for 2 more pulls.

    I ended up with 2 rares...a scout and a warrior.

    I've been thinking about this, and here is my real issue...for other events, like increased speed for gas, 5 second upgrade time for workshop items...the increased benefit is extremely noticeable. This event, however, has no noticeable affect. One could almost argue that there is actually no inctease at all in the rate of epic or legendary pulls.

    I am only level 27, and I have 2 legendary, 4 epics. These were obtained without the benefit of a special event. So doing 8 pulls this weekend, my expectations were far higher than reality. I can say I have received better characters, for the same number of pulls, without an event. That should not be the case.

    In the end, it's not a big's just a game. So this us just mildly annoying. Mostly I just felt like venting.
  • ZKillerDKZKillerDK Member Posts: 41

    I hear you.
    And not only I, but most of the members in my guild is having the exact same experience - I wrote a ticket to the support team, trying to get an explanation in what way the chances are "better"?
    They must have some kind of accumulated increase in %.

    But never again will I be fooled to waste hundreds of radios in such an event - never!
  • ZeenaZeena Member Posts: 126
    iPhone 6+ iOS 9.2.1
    Level 32
    I did 4 15 radio calls this weekend.
    1st call was a Legendary Warrior!
    2nd was a Epic Warrior
    3rd was a Epic Warrior
    4th was a Epic Warrior

    Four warriors in a row is lame. Cmon I'm overflowing in warriors and lacking in others. BUT Im happy I got one legendary with 45 radios and now I have two. I see some people used an extraordinary amount of radios and got nothing. If you use nearly 500 radios and don't get any legendary survivors on a event that says you have better chance that usual then.... ThAT IS SOME MESSED UP CHIT!
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