best team for each mission (e.g. 1 assault, 2 hunters..)

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hi, any post where i can find best team for each mission?


im stuck in;:

chapter 7 ep 6 - nightmare
chapter 8 ep 4 - nightmare
chapter 8 ep 2 - nightmare
chapter 10 ep 1 - nightmare
chapter 11 ep 1 - hard
chapter 12 ep 1 - hard
chapter 13 ep 2 - normal

i only have survivores level 13 and most of this missions request or suggest 16 to 18

if i knew the best survivors for each mission, it will be easier to pass since it will take lots of time to get my characters up



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    I can't remember each mission. I recommend going to youtube and searching for "twd nml 8.4" or "twd nml 11.1" and so on. There should be videos there of people completing those missions, so you can see what teams they used.

    Also, once in a while you'll get stuck where you can't get through a story mission yet. That's ok. Focus on challenge, scavenge, and outpost raiding. When you get a little stronger, go back to the story missions.
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  • warlordfwarlordf Member Posts: 220
    thx for the answer, thats what i have been doing until now but it gets a bit boring to only do that for several days, im stuck in challenge with 400 stars (think its not bad with only level 13 survivors) and because of the weapons upgrade fast i have been in scavenge xp missions this weekend.

    i checked videos also but i saw people passing the levels im stuck with 15 and 16 level survivors and mine are 13 so i guess they re strategy is not the best, i would like to know the best strategy which allows you to pass levels with the low possible level survivors (to prove the strategy works)

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