Token Rewards Scaling

I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but we have to keep discussing to keep it alive. For the love of everything holy, the math CANNOT be that hard to implement to scale token rewards. This can’t be what they envisioned right? Most of us continue only past 1K to help out the others in the guild. Without that reason for me personally this would totally not be worth it.


  • bradnolabradnola Member Posts: 70
    Great data D. Very valid point. There’s got to be an answer for this.
  • 8N88N8 Member Posts: 164
    Personally, I think I'd rather the guaranteed Token Tiers as opposed to randomized. At least with that sort of system, I know what I'm working towards. If I'm the person who consistently will hit the 560 or 740 tier week by week, I know I'm guaranteed between 78 and 98 tokens a week. That sounds pretty good to me to be honest.

    Getting to the higher tiers like 1340 or 1580 and getting the lowest token amount (although I've never gotten it) would feel disincentivizing. Why put my survivors in the hospital and waste resources for 8 tokens when the same result could be achieved with a 5-radio radio call?
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    If NG wants us to spend more money, why not increase the reward for higher levels. I would be motivated to spend some gold healing with the hopes of hitting a 100 token reward...
  • bradnolabradnola Member Posts: 70

    i realize the frustration that you and others that put up bigger numbers must feel sometimes when this happens...but to be fair i GUARANTEE there have been many many times when for 30 or 120 or 210 crates that you and others have hit for like 30 Abe tokens or 30 hunter or any other class...but since no one comes to the forum everytime that happens then everyone just sees these posts about how insane it is to get 11 glenn for 1340 stars....ok well lets say you 27 hero tokens at the 30 star crate...but since you are just blasting through you dont stop to make a forum then you have your 30 star crate and your 1300 star crate that got you like 35-40 total which order means nothing...but it just sticks out cuz you feel like you should have "earned" more than 11 by getting that far....

    fair enough...but you definitely didnt "earn" anything by beating rsl14 to start your challenge and get that first yea...i disagree with alot of stuff too...but im kinda with NG on this guarantee that you have crushed that first crate before...and probably many times...but no one remembers those...they remember getting 11 glenn for 1340*...

    Dude. Very good point
  • AvengersAvengers Member Posts: 674
    Just step back and look at the bigger picture:
    I like the scaling idea but to a minimum extent like dlich suggested!
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