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1) The ability to sacrifice a weapon/armour to take one of the bonuses off it (i.e.: better crit chance) and apply it to another of the same type (i.e.: Bruiser Armour) in place of a bonus you don't like. You would get no XP back for sacrificing the armour this way. For instance, I find the grappling bonus completely useless, but I keep getting one after another Shooter armor with this bonus, almost without excaption. Being able to take the already paid-for dodge bonus off another armor and put it on a new armor in place of the grappling (sorry, Wrestling) bonus, even if I had to pay the XP cost of enabling it again, would be a big deal.

2) See the entire camp map at once. Obviously it's possible because it appears that way every time you go to camp, then zooms in before you can interact. Being able to hit all the farm plots and tents then peg off the walkers at the wall without scrolling would be nice.

3) Smaller tent buttons (configurable in options) would be great, also closer in to the tent selected. I am constantly hitting something else (i.e.: the "!" on the current episode character standing at the campfire) when I am trying to upgrade my Workshop, for instance. I even have the entire camp cleared and everything spaced as far apart as I can get them, but the problem persists.

4) Very minor, but the memorial text makes me chuckle. "Dead survivors" :)

Edit: 5) Survivors walk too slow. These people are fighting for their lives, they should at minimum be jogging, not strolling along as if hordes of walkers are not breathing (do they breathe?) down their necks!

Edit: 6) Ability to turn off all "snap to" survivor on missions. I can't tell you how many times the game has ticked me off by snapping to Chad when I wanted to have Stephanie move after Irene, causing my characters to run all over the map, often in the wrong direction OR right among the walkers (not a good place for a lightly armoured Hunter), shoot the wrong walker, or move ahead to make a shot I had not intended the survivor to make. Even worse, if I select a survivor that is not the currently selected one, and the new one is on the right edge (but not the left edge) of the screen, the "snap to" effect centers on the new suvivir and totally fubars my shot, again often sending the survivor running willy nilly all over the map. I lost not one but BOTH of the only Epic survivors I ever had because of this BS.


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    I was a about to write a post about sacrifice item with either max or purchased trait to replace another items trait. For cost.

    +1 for workshop item modification

    -sounds like user error on rest ideas lol
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    User error causes survivors to walk slow?
    User error makes oversized buttons on the screen?
    User error makes the entire camp not visible on screen at the same time?
    User error makes the memorial description read "dead survivors"?

    Sounds like reader error, or someone trying desperately hard to be funny with a snarky reply.
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    I just move building with floating icons to top of your camp, problem solved.
    Or maybe just got a small phone.

    Survivors run when moving 2 actions. Walk for 1 action.
    Its turn based, just mechanic of game. Devs got updates and content to focus on. Sorry if my comment upset up. Just sound like you nit picking too me. I've lost epic survivor too. More will come and sum will die.
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    A camp leader which is customizable to you and available after level 9. Can be any class you want etc and cannot die but also cannot be used in deadly missions.
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    I second a crafting workshop kinda deal =D
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    Pnub said:

    Or maybe just got a small phone.

    iPad 4 tablet. The icons scale way too large on this screen, so no matter how far apart I move things they get in the way of one another. It's not just floating icons like the campfire survivor, it's the farms, the stores, the tents, everything. Even with a capacitive stylus that is several times more accurate than a finger it's a problem.
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    @GlassDeviant I actually like all of these ideas except number 1, I like the randomness.

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