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I'm guessing NG is paying some royalties in order to use the Show characters in this game, I'd think also that a big portion of current, past and future players come, came or will come here because of the Show / Comics.

One of the saddest part of this game that ruins the whole experience is the fact that Heroes are most of the time useless... They are called heroes, and you'd think that a tough guy like Daryl, or and even tougher guy as Negan would be natural killers and will excel in the game, and you would be looking to use them, level/progress them... the reality is that a random Bill, Vince, Diane... is way better. Their traits can be much better, and that makes most of the heroes useless.

So on our current meta, just a few Heroes are really used, Abraham, Jesus, Shasa, Rufus.... very few, and they use the hero spot or are useless.. How can be possible that a team with Abraham and 2 random guys are actually better that a team with Abraham, Rosita and Daryl? Well it happens in this game

The progression system doesn't help heroes either, is not only that they have pre-selected traits that many times aren't ideal is that you can't just level them as fast as other random guy... Why you call them heroes? They aren't such a thing, and for me as fan of the comics and the show this is a bit insulting. Those guys should be better by definition. We should be looking to get all of them, play with them, etc...

I've been playing for months and you aren't even looking forward to unlock many of the heroes. I have the tokens to unlock Rick, who is a main character, and since I don't have enough tokens he won't help me at all, and here it is in the "freezer" waiting for a better time to come.

You know why RTS Walking dead makes way more money and has more players? For me the answer is simple and clear, they know how to use better their product, you are diminishing your best asset which is having the opportunity to sell a product that people already loves. It isn't rocket since... when kids go to Disney they expect to see Mickey, to play with him, Can you imagine going to Disney to see just some random mice? When you go to a concert to see X group/band.... you go to see them, not just some random Rock and Roll band...? But here, you come to play with your favorite characters just to realize that BIll, Vince and Diane are going to be your bread and butter, and Rosita, Carol, Eugene... and many others are just crap and you will never use them.

That, NG, is something that hurts us, hurts you and in my honest and humble opinion you should be looking to fix. Let us play with our favorite characters, make them desirable, good, usable... Otherwise it would be just better that you stop paying royalties.

There are infinite ways to do it, but in this game you should find a way where Heroes can be used on early, mid and end game I'm sure that if you are able to accomplish that you'll see much more engagement, more revenue, more players, etc....

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    Agree entirely.

    An early suggestion would be to make Hero traits available all the time individually and simply remove the "Hero slot".

    Some traits could then be boosted significantly and It would add many layers of strategy to the game.
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    The are infinite ways to make heroes more valuable. Give hero team some nice benefit (team synergy) , having a team made of Abraham, Eugene and Rosita gives you X, having a team with Rick, Carl and Michonne Y, and so on... Make Heroes easy to upgrade so you can use them since the beginning as well as high end.

    Give some method to reroll traits only in heroes...

    Make some specific and better, more valuable, weapons for them, that you can only unlock by having that character on the team (and of course alternative on a bundle). But seriously you have a great product that you aren't selling to us, and we want it. Basic rule of offer demand needs to be applied here.

    I'm not the one designing the game, balancing them, etc... you are way better than me at that, and I'm sure you can come up with ideas to make this happen.

    I will be a better, more appealing game where collecting and having our loved characters actually will also help us on our daily duty of killing zombies. As it is right now there is a big disconnection between the Show and the Game. Would it be possible to do something about it?

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    Honestly to me it feels like heroes have been designed very explicitly to draw fans in, but watered down to stop them ever being truly useful and overpowering.

    There are just far too many ways to actually make them useful and fun to play with that no one could have designed heroes to be this crap unless they were introduced for other reasons.
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    + 1 for Bill, I'm gonna upgrade him to pink :smiley:
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    Jenng said:

    + 1 for Bill, I'm gonna upgrade him to pink :smiley:

    Woohoo! Glad I answered that radio call!
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    I haven’t touched a hero in FOREVER minus a couple Sasha/assault/assault desperation 29-1, 29-2, 29-3’s
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    I wish they would drop specific hero tokens and move to a single universal hero token.
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