Newer player and only done a few challenges, but seems like every map is 2 assault + something?

Does this vary on some of the other different challenge events? My survivors are level 11/12, so I'm no where near end game, but slaughterhouse was pretty much 2 assault + whatever on every map (450 stars fwiw) then this challenge seems to be the same way, you can do other variations but 2 assault seems make them all easier. I have pretty much focused on upgrading weapons/gear exclusively for assault.


  • AuroraWAuroraW Member Posts: 2
    Assault and shooter are my favorites. You will find when they have special events you will want to have more balanced players. I usually focus on one or two of my survivors in each class to upgrade. But I tend to focus on Assault first and many in my guild would agree
  • AvengersAvengers Member Posts: 674
    Assault is my fav! Assault and hunters work great for all maps especially in the lower levels. But if you push the challenge to your limit, you might need to start using your melee teams a bit more. (Not that I do but that's what people say...and considereing their scores, there might be some truth to it)
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    assaults r good class imo. if 2 of them + __ is working for u (unlike one particular rodent) great.

    on other challenges u may want more distance between survivor and target; then hunters or long range shooter. or need to thin out the spawn with scout w/threat reduction.

    here is thread u may also find helpful:

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  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732

    It really depends on your play style, but the challenge event matters as well. Slaughterhouse is definitely a challenge that benefits from using assaults.
    This challenge has maps for both Assault and for melee teams. Shut It and Main Gate are assault oriented, but a melee team using warrior and scouts with threat reduction weapons are great this week on 3 of the 6 maps - Trailers, Next Door, and Green Thumb. I haven't had to worry about a spawn on any of those maps and probably won't until I hit RSL 24/25. The Saviors map, Museum, is open to a lot of different combinations. Personally, I use bruiser, scout and shooter to great success.

    A lot of people also pay attention to the weekly class bonus. This week is a scout bonus, which will help with my melee strategy. Last week was an assault bonus, which works great for the SLaughterhouse maps.

    There are also people who pretty much run assault/hunter teams on every map, regardless. Personally, I find that to be extremely boring, but to each their own.
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,442
    I strictly use assault x2 + one more assault or a shooter...... Sometimes if I'm feeling really gambly I throw in a hunter :|

    I, like @Avengers, don't use my melee, I've heard people use them though and do well with them ( mine would be topless with butter knifes to defend them so, maybe upgrading a weapon or a sweet jacket would be a good idea..... Not too many though at lower levels, you won't need them long)
  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,546
    @Jenng I agree.

    My scouts have good gear cause I use them as offense in outposts. My bruiser has good gear cause I use her as defense in outposts. My warriors haven't gotten an upgrade since 2.4. I think they're Lvl 21 rocking Lvl 23 gear :lol:

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  • MattOfEarthMattOfEarth Member Posts: 632
    I like Assaults in the early "run and gun" stages of the challenges, but once I get to RSL +2/3, I need to mix it up and get cerebral. This week, at 25+ I'm rocking these maps with Scout/Warrior/Scout combo with mucho Threat Reduction, except Museum where Shooter/Hunter/Bruiser constantly on Overwatch and baby-stepping forward. Also, on Shut It I like to farm for XP, so I'm using Abe/Assault/Hunter, but that may need to change once I get into 26-28.

    To each their own, though. There's no "right" or "wrong" when it comes to what entertains you. I would say, try to mix it up for just that reason. Entertainment. Don't let yourself get bored by just doing the same thing over and over.
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  • GladiGladi Member Posts: 616
    @Techfall With nice gear, 2 assaults and hunter/shooter can pretty easily 3 star any challenge map up to +2/3 above survs lvl. Well, if thinking about BBQ mission, I might be wrong, but exceptions are to make rule, right? Not really remember, how tough it was on your lvl, but for sure, endgamer with only focus on assaults will not make as many stars as ppl with more diversed teams. At your lvl, you dont have to upgrade as many gear pieces as you will need later(survs lvl17+ IMO), but keeping at least one good surv/class with good gear up to date is not going to slow you down and will help not only in challenges but also in story missions(episodes).
    Try to get yourself familiar with survs and gear traits, try to upgrade best possible gear you get(rare at least) for certain classes and do not waste your survs tokens on pointless survs, keep them for survs with at least 4 great traits.
    Try to focus on class specific traits, as they are usually big advantage in certain situations, keep your camp ballanced and do not hurry to become endgamer, you will get there eventually and you will need strong survs base and lot of time(and/or money) to maintain that.
    If you want to get some more datailed info see this webpage, you´ll find there many useful tips and guides:
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    Never neglect Melee.
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