Bruiser! Bruiser! I meant Bruiser! - Ruthless or Punish?

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Ugh why is this so Hard?

I just got a legendary assault on a call. I've been nurturing another one bc I want to play with the new the "new" traits each have are the only Assaults I have with these traits. Been waiting to promote Salty but should I take Chris? (I would rename him Cornelius)

So.... who is better and why???



  • FreckledAzzFreckledAzz Member Posts: 16
    Dagnabbit! Facepalm!
    Long day, lack focus.
    Bruiser, vs this one, who I was waiting to upgrade. I have a long way to get her upgraded so trying to weigh if worth it.

    Same question.... Ruthless or Punish trait?

  • TwofaceTwoface Member Posts: 106
    I go with him. Dodge or Luck instead of strong would be nice. But i'm not able to get all my favorite bruiser trait's together with only 5 places ;)
  • FreckledAzzFreckledAzz Member Posts: 16
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    Thanks for the feedback and insights.... I'm going to keep the fugly guy!
  • avelardezavelardez Member Posts: 1,272
    I am going with Punish. Don't know about this trait much because I have not used these two yet on a bruiser. Will find out soon.
  • TechfallTechfall Member Posts: 168
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    I have a bruiser with retaliate+punish and she is great. If I can get iron skin for her 5th she will be perfect meat shield imo. Strong and ruthless are kind of pointless on bruiser

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