Louisiana Hunting Joke

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Coonass Duck Hunting

so this Guy Named Boudreaux was duck hunting and the game warden wanted to  fine him so he goes up to Boudreau and checks his kills.  Game warden sticks his finger in one of the ducks butts and smells it.  Game warden says that's a Oregon duck, sir. Do you have an Oregon hunting permit?  Boudreau says yes and shows it to him.  So the Warden does the same with another duck and says well this here is a Washington duck. Do you have a Washington permit?  Boudreau pulled out another hunting permit...

 and showed it.  The warden stuck his finger up yet another ducks butts and smelled it and said well this here is a Canadian duck, do you have a Canadian permit?  Boudreau pulled another permit out and show him that he did!  The warden was all angry that he couldn't write a fine a exclaims 'Just where the hell are you from, boy!'  So Boudreau pulled down his pants and bent over and said 'well your the expert!  You tell me!'


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