Who remembers Junior Senior?

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..at least @TheLostOnes should... :#

The first time i saw this video was around 2002/2003 i knew there was something i couldn't understand...but now i've get it...everything is here...the danish duo, the evil rodent with a rare scout hammer (min. 0.05), toasts and butter (min 0.20), zombies (min 0.50), @JayZ (min. 057), pink stars (min. 1.05), hospital time and ranks (min. 1.17), penis (min. 1.20), a bot (min 1.35), short shorts and @TheSittingDuck (min. 1.59), naked ppls (min. 2.05), a rodent massage/message (min. 2.15), beards, chilli and phone calls (min. 2.19), @Gindy (min. 2.38), a detonator (min. 2.53), Potus (min. 3.00), a cup of @Teeceezy (min.3.02),... So sure, the message...uhm..wait, now i'm confused again and maybe i have to watch it in 2028.. :#

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    Omfg, you're one twisted rodent :D Classic tune btw!

    Edit: and it reminds me of other house oldtimer, maybe a little similiar, and maybe you know it too:

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