Outpost Survivors Cannot be Moved

TonyB4u2cTonyB4u2c Member Posts: 8
For the last couple months I have not been able to move my outpost survivors. I can swap them out from the change defenders menu but if I go into manage outpost and try to move them they just come off the grid and it will not allow me to add them back. I cannot even change outpost maps because of this. No matter what I do, if a single survivor is moved, the changes cannot be saved. I can still move walkers and swap the other grids but the survivor grid is stuck. I'm playing on an LG G5 and I first noticed this glitch shortly after the last big update. After dealing with it for months, it's finally gotten too irritating not to say anything. Thanks!


  • MovadoMovado Member Posts: 863
    I had also created a thread about this problem (I think back in June?), and Teeceezy the administrator did respond saying they were aware of this pending issue. I think in the meantime, the work-around strategy is to use to: Go to your Manage Outpost, and click on the "place all defenders" button. It'll randomly place all 3 of them, but then you can manually move it. This is different than if you already have them set in place and try to move. Use the 'place-all-defender' option for now, and then re-place them.
  • TonyB4u2cTonyB4u2c Member Posts: 8
    Thanks so much! Worked perfect. Don't know why I never thought to try that. Greatly appreciated.
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