12-3 Hard mode: Need strategy that doesn't involve two hunters

I really do.


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    U need a better council
    And so do I
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    Remember, the goal is to get out.
    Use an assault to fire at the things on the far side of the fence, and run that scout as best as possible over to the door.

    I fought my way over to the valve, killing as much as absolutely possible on the scout's side of the fence. When I got to the valve, I was 1 turn to spawn. My hunter ended up in a struggle. I used the assault stun to free him, then got the hell out of there.

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    Why is your assault equipped with a lvl 8 item? Is this because the traits are better than the higher lvl items in your possession?
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    @WastelandDan Leveraged Assault interrupt to keep the tanks at range so I could run by them with the scout.
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    I just have done this mission at first try with my warrior level 16 from episode 11-3 on hard and mine legendary hunter level 15. The trick is to use hunter to clear zombies from the scout side, Advance the scout until the door by killing one in one fights. Use the warrior to clear zombies in your side. Only open the door when scout is near and has a clear path. Shoot the tanks from the fence with the hunter, don't open the door to early.

    Also update 1.6 is tomorrow so soon people can do this with level 16 with more traits when the hero from episode 11-3 on hard and also new gear.
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    Well, i can't get past this one with 2 hunters or with any setup, the scout is just a sissy and can't take anything, he has died alot (i only have lvl 15 survivers) post 1.6 upgrade.
    so i gave up and going to wait till i get my lvl 16 survivers i guess. Reward will be crap anyway.
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    This is an easy one.
    What you need to do is

    Oh shit!!!!! Zombies,..........


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    I am stuck on this one. I took a hunter lvl 14 and shooter lvl 13. My poor survivor is lvl 9 keeps dying. One swat from a lvl 15 zombie puts it into struggle. So keep it away from everything. Going to try the hunter and assault next when I get gas. The cheat video shows it being done with a hunter and shooter. That was before the update and the survivor lvl was higher.
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    Well the assault got me further but still no completion. Must upgrade the assault weapon so waiting to upgrade workshop and training ground. Stuck here till the upgrade are finished.
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    Ok completed this one with hunter and assault. You have to try this combo with the lvl 10 scout that come along in one of the times you play. Use the assault to clear out the zombies in the fence. Keep your scout away from the zombies. Once you have all but one heavy killed open the gate. Make sure the heavy is damaged. Use your hunter to kill it. Your assault will take heavy damage. Make sure your armour is good.
    Good luck.
  • I've tried lvl 14 Hunter & lvl 16 shooter, still no luck
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    They killed the fun of all survivor rescue mission, now they become ridiculously hard.
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