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Are we ever going to see it again @Fearofabotplanet @Shteevie ?

I really like the one day events as a surprise and I did notice that more radios coming in on the usual ways.

BUT: When, or ever do we ever see...the increased chance for radios again?

If not, I´d like to know. I could buy me a sixpack from my paypal stocking then...

Sorry for my funny english...I´m drunken and german :wink:


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    Human3001 said:

    You really shouldn't apologise for beeing drunk or German ;)

    Actually I apologized for my funny english ;)

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    Shteevie said:

    Right now, though, my advice to you is to focus on XP and getting many of your survivors to the max level as soon as you can.

    This is a very telling statement. I have a rather uneasy feeling players who have not upgraded their toons might get a rude awakening when the new update is introduced.
    Whether it is the challenges or the new game mode remains to be seen.
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    Shteevie said:

    I have fond memories of being tipsy in Germany. No one does beer quite the same way, and lifting liters is a good work out after a hard day in the office!

    Your memories of drinking beer in Germany wasn´t exactly what I asked for.

    My question was: Will the radio event ever come again, and if so, when.
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    @Invader My guessing is soon if NG is not going to change that to never. And if that event happens, I hope it will not fit my busy weekend.
    @Shteevie it is better to drink from 1/2 liter, keep the beer colder and fresh. Unless drinking it in one go is your style. Well, Im keeping several liter beer mugs at home too though Im not german, but lets say pretty close neighbour to them.
    @Shut_Up You cannot be more right IMO, but seems NG is not going to toss us a bone, they rather want our wallet to open. Which is not happening, cause price of phones is insane.

    Disclaimer: Im not trying to be rude here, disappointed is rather the way Im feeling about this topic.
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    > @Kyrus said:
    > What difference does it make what calls you are focusing on? Regardless of the types of calls, we need radios to make those calls. Considering platinum calls cost 25 radios, this event should have happened at least twice over the summer.
    > And radio calls are also apart of upgrading survivors considering we need tokens as well to make them useful. We can get XP several ways, radios not so much.

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