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Hi guys

So as per this video we are going to be getting 2 new buildings in update 2.7. This thread is for speculation on what these new buildings might be.

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    Radios factory building :p :p B)
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    Two new buildings equals supplies to upgrade and we just used all our supplies this past weekend. Great.
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    @avelardez I thought the same thing but one of the mods says the supply requirement isnt going to be that much and will be something a maxed out player should be able to handle despite selling off supplies last week. Or so they say.
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    Building 1 will be a chemical science office where you will be able to make temporary buff potions for you team by combining certain materials.

    Building 2 will be a trait training building were we will be able to retrain survivors and swap unwanted trait for wanted traits.
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    One of the new buildings should be a school where you can learn new traits.
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    Hero token generator?? fiction...the first emoji ever.. :#

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    Is there another council update
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    Nope @Reeconn
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    We need the guys at honest trailers to do one for the update. In movie preview guy voice over... Its NML official game pf the walking dead, brings you update 2.7 with everything you've been asking for like:
    More Heros. Watch as Aaron comes to life as ... well who knows which class, leaving everyone drawing Spencer as a Rare after Monday gameplay. More of what you want like guild v guild with nah just kidding. Screenshots wont help you unless you dig the hit track from the band naked eyes, always something there to remind me. So put down your xbox and PlayStation, forget about fantasy football, get ready for Super new endurance mode!!!!! Seriously I can't wait to test my crew against this mode!
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    @zbot @Teeceezy close please

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