NG to quiet?

Anyone think NG has been to quiet about all glitch fix? Or only mer?
They will loose so many ppl because they not inform players.
All this problem with guild because some ppl make advantage by using the glitch. So what about US that always plays fairly? Never Chester, never done anything that isnt allowed or anything.
So what about fix the problem?
What is the solution?
To reset all stars?
So the players that didnt cheat will loose all because some assholes use the glitch?

Fair? NO!
And i truly knows alot of players that will quit because no information from NG. And even more IF u reset stars! :/
What about some information?


  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    Hmmm for me it has no difference. Quiet? Means that devs working hard. I'm sure they will surprise us next weekend ;) you people have to patience at all! Shame on U
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    [Deleted User]Lynz4tex
  • TWD_BTWD_B Member Posts: 62
    U think its ok to be queit so alot of players quit? And maybe half ur guild quit because they never hear something about this?
  • Weasel007Weasel007 Member Posts: 177
    They have explained it will take a few days still, they don't have an exact time table chill out
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    My guild don't care. Every smart ppl just waiting playing. Wanna quit? Take one week break - and come back fresh if u want. It's only a game = program. Every program needs improvement.
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