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Tara's healing charge/leadership ability needs to be changed.It is listed as heal x% when a character uses their charge ability.I have had characters that got bruised and then used their charge ability to recover health.But when the battle was over character still was bruised.Either leadership ability for tara needs to re-worded to reflect the boost ability and not healing.Or in game ability actually heals characters.


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    @hikura please take a look at this


    Tara's Leader Trait and injuries after missions
    Using Tara's Leader Trait, Healing Charge, your survivors regain x% of health when using their Charge Attacks. They find that inner burst of strength to survive when everything seems hopeless.

    If your survivors get injured during a mission, they still need to rest up in the Hospital afterwards even if Tara's Leader Trait heals them back to to health.

    Similarly, Healing Charge doesn't cancel out any injuries that affect your Quest or Challenge star requirements.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,749
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    I brought this up for the following reason.The way her ability reads it reads like it heals a character when they use their charge ability.In all acutality it acts like a health boost.The way it acts and the way it reads are two different things.It should be changed to reflect what it does.
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    Her ability ought to be Called Second Wind in that case @zbot instead of healing. I know that's not your department. Just saying because calling it healing when the effect are not lasting is very misleading.
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    I have to disagree. I often use Tara to lead. Once a survivor is injured they can be healed but not change injury. The most affective way to use her trait is to heal your survivors before they take injuries.
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