Accept Jesus...or Leo?

ChispChisp Member Posts: 46
Ive got this from a radio call. Im far away from a legendary Jesus even with those tokens, so it made me Leo worth taking a risk in? Could his tokens be a good enough base for a bruiser? Or should i take the Jesus tokens?


  • TechfallTechfall Member Posts: 168
    WWJD? He would take himself. Leo is not worth the risk, his starting three traits aren't great for a bruiser imo. Offensive traits like strong/ruthless are not ideal on a bruiser
  • ChispChisp Member Posts: 46
    @Techfall Actually I think "Jesus saves" is not meant to be himself, lol

    @sbf thanks, considering my options there, there was no other option suitable for the thread title

    Yeah, I went with Jesus. Im unsure, got to make a few more calls and I believe I got luck with those survivors:

    Now I know Joseph is only rare, but if he scores another decent trait he might be useful? And since we got the 5 sec upgrade today, in whom should I use it? Might be able to get one of them to level 20...
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    If you use bruisers, go with George. Extra damage is not really needed on bruisers, I would say - but punish is a great trait. It works with retaliate. He also has luck and iron skin. 4 great traits for a bruiser.
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