Outpost raids video to Someone

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You know who I am, just want to tell you trait revenge can't help for defense your outpost. When my guy open your gate, which means your two guys died and I got no injurie in that round, video will show you Y.
Tips: scrap them, upgrade heros, retaliate is the real MVP trait in outpost



  • nobibinobibi Member Posts: 22
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    If that's private, u should close your outpost but I don't know how.BTW my point--revenge is useless
  • nobibinobibi Member Posts: 22
    I'm sure he would love to see the fighting process, it's a game, don't be serious and that top ranking is joke( including mine) play more then you are top player
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    Hi there
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    Wow, somebody is really using Morgan ?
    Remember to use your charge abilities
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