How and/or why did you choose your gulid?

Just curious how others went about choosing a guild and what keeps them in that guild.


  • zeeblackzeeblack Member Posts: 1,297
    SG Woots was the only one to accept me when I was new to the game and now I am old geezer

    Zee Black - SG Woots - Playing since 2015.

  • FahqbendoverFahqbendover Member Posts: 442
    My first guild was one that I just clicked and hoped I'd be accepted , it was French I didn't have a clue what I was doing didn't even know about the challenges lol! I think when I discovered them it was only top two people that got stars, so I left found a uk guild , well that was traumatic, wondered onto a fb recruitment page naked and guildless where Doomsquad found me they're the best bunch ever make me laugh ever day they're super fun and competitive <3 never looking back :wink:
  • SteeboonSteeboon Member Posts: 684
    Being in Singapore, I searched for the abbreviate SG and got accepted into SG Rebels. Leader was not playing much and eventually went MIA.

    We decided to move on without him to prepare for any Guild vs Guild update and SG Legion is hence born. Great to see a fellow Singapore guild here @zeeblack B)
  • DBonesDBones Member Posts: 800
    I did the in-game search, I guess about 19-20 months ago. Don't remember what I searched (hell, I don't even remember HOW I searched, it's been so long), but when I saw Carols cookies, I asked to join because I liked the name (Carol is my favorite character in the show). I didn't speak much in the beginning, as I had never played any online/mobile games before, but once I started chatting with the peeps in my guild, I quickly became friendlier and friendlier with my mates. Today, I'm still with the same guild. Probably 4 or 5 of us have been there since the beginning, and the majority of the rest have been there at least a year. I feel like some of them have become real friends who, if we were ever in the same geographic area, I would absolutely want to grab a drink (or 6) with. We've had a bit of turnover the past few months with 3 spots or so, but overall, we are a very tight and fun group who love to chat, crack jokes, share tips and strategies, and just share a little digital home away from home. I am in the top 3 scorers every week (usually #1), and even on weeks where people slack off, the thought of leaving never crosses my mind. I'm in it for the fun and camaraderie, and that's exactly what my guildmates bring, so barring any unforeseen circumstances, I won't ever be leaving that incredible group of people.
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  • MaD VapoRMaD VapoR Member Posts: 37
    I am a co-owner of small business....and one of my employees started a guild while I was a solo player (I encourage employees to play!) He named it Tampa I felt compelled to join since my in game name is Our guild recently set a 100* minimum....and we're still deleting members weekly, while new members join. Most don't talk...wish it was different. Last week I got 25% of the guild stars....which happens often. -shrug-
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    My guild promised me free cases of beer
  • TechfallTechfall Member Posts: 168
    I posted a new thread on the forums a month or so ago and mentioned I was a new player and was bombarded with invite requests lol. I found one that seemed to fit my casual play style and have really enjoyed it so far
  • SerpSerp Member Posts: 621
    I was in a guild with only 4-5 of us participating so we decided to bail. I found a guild on the forum that would take us all but after I left the guild I could not find the guild in the search. We didn't have an outside chat so I lost the others and got sharked off the forum by GreyWolfSociety and haven't looked back! We have a great family and it makes the game light years more enjoyable! Only me and our infamous leader @OlausTheNick left in our main guild but I enjoy the influx of new players.
  • Survivor6ixSurvivor6ix Member Posts: 131
    After being a solo player for a year, I decided to give the guild life a shot. My first few guilds were random searches. After being the clubhouse leader in those guilds with low minimums and slackers, I decided to look in my local top 20 for a Guild. Since my player raking was in the 50's it wasn't hard for me to find a good guild, and Biters B Gone took me in.

    Our minimum is 300 stars and our present leader @Solvent is great at keeping everyone honest. There have been times over the past few months I've felt burnt out, but I know leaving the guild would be a mistake so I always try to hit the minimum at the very least to keep my stay.
  • ScowleyScowley Member Posts: 421
    I'm with the first guild I joined, however we did all move so we could change the name if that still counts?

    I like that we are a relaxed bunch who don't have star targets, and realise that this is supposed to be fun and not a chore. The in game chat is good enough for our banter and it's the first thing I check when I log in, even before clicking on my supplies/xp.
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  • WahooDawgWahooDawg Member Posts: 471
    I joined the forum about 6-7 months after I started the game. After my first post here, I got invited to join DeadFamily2, and it completely changed the game for me. Just an incredible, funny group of people, and some real star killers (and Outhouse masters).
  • Phalanx44Phalanx44 Member Posts: 341
    My guild chose me!

    Became top earner in a guild with an absent leader. We made a collective descision to jump ship, and start a new guild, and i was voted in as the new leader.
  • LariDixonLariDixon Member Posts: 34
    For my 1st and current guild, I looked at several guilds that had an open join option. I found one that has a reasonable weekly "suggested" minimum (50 stars) and was laid back, no pressure no demands no threats of being kicked out if you weren't good enough.... I really liked the name, with one of my new favorite characters being Shiva... Yes, the CGI tiger :smiley:
    I wanted something very laid back because I didn't know if I would be committed enough, but I actually end up earning 2 or 3 times the minimum. Still small potatoes considering the minimums I see for a lot of other guilds.

    I've been thinking about trying others that have a little more participation from more members, haven't worked up to it yet.
  • shaunatthepubshaunatthepub Member Posts: 42
    My current guild found me after I posted in the forum. When I was told they used an outside app to communicate, I knew that meant there would actually be communication. Now the barbs thrown around are the main reason I'm still addicted to this game.
  • SmittySpivey3SmittySpivey3 Member Posts: 324
    Jester. @jester That's that simple as that.
  • CoonCoon Member Posts: 282
    I was digging through the trash like any decent coon. Trying to find a nice place to hang out. Not super excited about where I am but the people deal with my sacastic jokes so that's a plus. I am only a lvl 38 so my best is 500 stars. But we probably would ranks about 80. I really wish the ranking would go out to the top 100.
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,918

    If you aren't in a great guild...find one! Over the past year+, I've been lucky enough to be in 2.

    Recently, the legendary @capibara had a spot open, so I offered to help out for a few weeks. I had so much fun playing with them that I stayed for a few months. It was very hard leaving the likes of @vshield50 @JackBauer @Pig @tabernac @Gladi @melfore @tallinie (skirm? sorry, can't remember if that's your forum name, and I'm sure I'm leaving some forum peeps out, sorry!) but I had to return back to where I started really playing challenges about 14 months ago.

    The great @Japes87 brought me into the Eh family led by @Andrius last summer, and after my brief hiatus, I returned a couple of weeks ago. Andrius does a great job organizing our "intra-guild" competition where team leaders draft members from the different guilds within the Eh family, and our "fake" teams compete for bragging rights. This competition, "intra-guild" became "inter-guild", with members from many outside guilds participating like @Cherokee_Rose , Rene, and members of DTP participating. Apart from the trash talk, the "inter-guild" competition brought out the best in our competitive spirit in everyone, resulting in this:

    I guess it's not a big deal when a regular guild temporary dethrones the kings and queens!

    Thanks @OneLessTitan you are an awesome player and friend! :)
    Those months with you have been a very special gift!! Who are already "family" in our guild, so you are always welcome to join us in the future.
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  • KillingLightKillingLight Member Posts: 118
    I just went to the guild section on the forum.
    Looked at a few guilds and stayed in the first one that accepted me. It was a decent guild and the people were nice.
    Our leader and elder became inactive though and our stars started declining.
    All of the active players just looked for another guild together and joined that.
    The players are same for me mostly but the guild has changed.
    I am too lazy to go through the trouble of finding another.
  • freedydaddyfreedydaddy Member Posts: 1,603
    I know this is an abandoned theard but wanted to say your guildmates help you with staying there
    Message me if you wanna
  • CBgaming1969CBgaming1969 Member Posts: 1,359
    edited June 2018
    I was just in my own little solo guild just focusing on learning and killing walkers for about 5 to 6 months when I got a guild message that someone joined my guild. They asked me to join theirs, but by the time I could communicate with them they were gone and I wasn't able to find them in the search.

    So long story short, I got to thinking about it and doing my research which involves going to my TWD NML bible(Special Thanks to @OneLessTitan)
    and joined the eh family in January and started to move up. I wish I would have done it at the very beginning! The recruiter at the time was awesome and we communicated alot about where I was at and wanted to go in the game. Communication is important!!!

    Happy Walker killing and guild hunting everyone!!!🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

    My guildmates are awesome and kept me playing longer just for them!!!
  • JediMasterYodaJediMasterYoda Member Posts: 92
    By networking with the Line app, I stayed connected with folks that left The Kingdom. The guild that rapidly fell apart, and I was lucky enough to be accepted into GutsAndGlory!
  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    After playing for the first few months in a very casual guild, my friend @SlickRick vouched for me and I was accepted into my current guild exactly 2 years ago this week. Its been a real pleasure to compete at the highest level week after week with some of the true legends of our game, many now retired or in other guilds, but many still with us. The only reason I continue the grind is because of my guildmates.
  • CronusCronus Member Posts: 1,432
    Maybe @vshield50 can correct the spelling error in the title :)
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